Where to play and what days?
I gon be here for a lil bit.

WTF no one play anymore?
I went to Naughty Nicks… OMG the sticks suck fucking ass there.
Still put the beat down on all the bitches playing cvs2 and 3s…
I dont even fucking play 3s…
I’ll hit up golfland sometime this week… but fuck, I wanna play something other then random scrub and cpu…

Fuckin sheeit.

the only game I play seriously is 3S. but no one cares for it. Stockton golfland doesn’t take care of their machine. Naughty Nicks has 3S?

I play cvs2 casually. but I suck at that game.

it would be cool to form a group of cvs2 or 3s regulars. and then to get golfland or any other place, to regularly fix their machines. No one listens.

how come no one in the 209 cares about 3s. Geeeze.

Yeah NN has 3s. But seriously, WORST STICKS EVER.
While im here, ill play 3s if there’s comp, but I totally suck at the game.
Anyway, are there regulars at golfland?
For ANY game?
Last time I went I played a 12 year old at marvel playing spiderman.

What do u play. I live in elk grove…mostly play cvs2 and mvc2.

ST and CVS2 are my better games.
Im decent at Marvel…
I suck at 3s.

Tuesday, im gonna hit up golfland…

Played for like an hour an a half on tuesday.
Beat up the CPU for like 10 games in marvel and cvs2.

Played ONE kid at cvs2 and I let him kill my Sagat so I didnt OCV him.


Where the fuck is the competition in this fuckin city?

were going 2 have a tury

the big city of fresno is having a tury saturday come get the beat down sing up’s r something like 12:00 till wen theres a lot of us:) so come get the beat down haha jk come test yourself’s agenst team fresno/kerman/visailia/handford/ for more nfo pm jeff the nickel hore …mmmmfire

Dont think I can make it…
Anyone else from Stockton going that could hook it up with a ride?

Anyone play cvs2 marvel ST or 3s in this fuckin town?

hahaha. poor philthy!!! seems just like yesterday when we were at ff beating whitey with r3 honda/r1 cammy :eek:

I didnt realize how spoiled I am.

From Soo to CPU …

Damn… I cant wait to get back to LA.

neither can i. until then, stay up trooper. stay righteous, for it is the devil’s worst fear.

Devil’s worst fear is me schemin on his shit.

I might be in LA this weekend… I try to hit up FF if I is.
Then back to this shithole.

i never see you. i work there on fri and sat.

(o,o) - Bear_Fart

For SC2

Bear, whats up withe tha Stocton tourneys? are they still going on?

Sup philith… How much longer u gonna be in 209? I live in elk grove, if you can make it out here, we can play at my place.


Sotckton golfland is now under new management so there probably wont be any tournament happening anytime soon. Also be aware that they are now charging $5.00 “cover fee” to enter Golfland on friday nights and weekends. Not only that but shit is still always broken and there never really is anybody there playing any of the fighting fighting games. Bottom line is Stockton Golfland still blows like it always has. This place will probably fold up after the summer anyways…:o

For SC2

ask botsu about that. im not there enough to organize anything.

(o,o) - Bear_Fart

Well… if there is enough interest I can pass the word on to the rest of the PPD crew and then they can figure out if they would want to go through the trouble of setting something up. They have set up tourneys in the past and most of the people from Stockton know who they are. They have had rumblings of wanting to throw a console tourny, but nothing is for sure. Especially since most of us still prefer to play A3 and maybe some CvS2. But I am sure that if they are willing to go through with something like this they will consider others… such as MvC2,GGX, 3S or even some SC2(only if someone has a copy for PS2? or DC?)… So pass the word on and post up numbers(of people possibly interested)!!! And I will let them know!