Close enough.

Wtf, we have like 80 posts left…


Eager Beaver

close? not really. :tdown: maybe 50,40! but 80 is just pushing it!
god this is so :lame: & makes STL look like fools to the other fellow midwesters!
good job! :rolleyes:

cam-dude i was at work from like 6 to 4(just got home).some odd reason they think they can put me on overnight w|o asking…:wtf: u want the chip & whats the word on the dvds?

gg to all friday!

I’m pretty sure he is joking…

Ever heard of a dry sense of humor?


Hahaha. Dry?

Okokok, I’ll stop.

Dru, are you going to play Tekken 5?

Nah, he just hates me, but that’s fine with me. and like I give a rat’s ass what people on the INTERNET think.

T5 is the J.

he loves me,he loves not,he loves me,he loves me not,he loves me! :encore:

i give a rats rear what ppl think on the INTERNET & i luv you all.(in a nonhomo way):lovin::hitit:

What’s up STL gamers. I will be up in St.Louis april 1st. Any good arcades, tourneys going on that weekend where there might be some 3rd strike gaming going on. I’m going to be staying by the loop and I am really only familiar with the Wash U area and the area by the Galleria mall.

Nah I won’t be playing T5…I don’t care for 3d fighters…I like my 2d capcom games :smiley:

werd thats like my area. i think im the only one in here practicly that is actually IN stlouis

that needed repeating… :cool:

Break - Nah I also live in the STL. Right next to 44. Few others too.

Who wants some GGXXR or Thrid Stirke (which I so badly need help in).

I’ll play you in 3rd stirke, I need comp anyways, xbox live won’t give me comp unless they have to lag in order to beat me

No kidding I’m 85/90 for the week or something on 3S

Yeah well I need major help. PM for what’s good one of these Saturdays.

best cade? well that would be my college’s arcade! we just got svc chaos & aero fighters2(mvs4cart) right next to the tekken3 cab!:wow: the NG cab have the old across set up like SC2…:wtf:
i think u live near Forest Park. XLE,cam,break,& fract live near you.

yeah saturday is good…so who wants to host? :wink: cammy?! :amazed:

Well, what is the name of your college and where’s the cade in it?