Still solid?

I thought I’d make a new thread since Gen dicussion isn’t exactly overflowing. I’ve mostly been focusing on my other mains in ultra so I haven’t payed much attention to my favorite assassin, how is Gen in ultra with the new changes? Is he still as good as he was in AE or did the introduction to delayed wakeup screw him over completely?

Judging by the activity around here, I’d say he’s pretty much F’d. I used to main him, but with the drop of ultra I’ve been tinkering with Chun Li, Poison, and Decapre. Mostly not too happy with the changes he got. I’m still going to play him but probably not as seriously as before.

I’ve been playing a lot of Bison, Decapre and Juri ever since Ultra dropped, it just isn’t the same playing him now as it was before back in AE.

Gen is still very usable . Everyone here moved to the Gen Facebook group.

Search for “Team Gen” on facebook if you have one. The Gen community is thriving with LOTS of talent. He is still very much viable. If you can’t find the “Team Gen” group, either post on here and let me know or scroll down on the Gen forums and look for the “Team Gen Club” post. There should be a link on the OP.

thanks ill check it out

Gen’s unique play style will always keep him relevant. Don’t pay so much attention to the nit-picking about which characters are top tier. Pick what you like and make the best of it.