Still motivated to hit the lab?

My mind was kind of blown that Capcom actually nerfed a character only 1 month into the game, from my knowledge this has never been done(DLC), and it kind of makes me think if we ever find anything remotely good/broken it’ll be removed from the game.

It’s only been 1 month and you can bet that in a year there will be more infinites and crazy damaging loops that’ll break a character. What’ll stop Capcom from doing this again? Capcom has made the first move by removing Gouki infinite, is it the first?

Shot outs to Jwong for crying on twitter about Sentinel, giving all the scrubs legitimacy of their complaints. :encore:

can we all just complain about xfactor and get it removed now plz

*1 month

MY motivation to hit the Danger Room in the face of a potentially losing the strat im working so hard to learn hasnt been curbed.
But I definetly feel like this was a wak move on the part of CAPCOM. But im sure it will happen again, to the extent that they are capable of catering to ppl via patches.
I feel like the sudden change, is tantimont to CAPCOM stating the the game designers and testers arent doing there job properly. Almost as if Joe-Neckbone is smarter than the employees at CAPCOM, and that clearly isnt the case. I have faith that they knew what they were doing the first time around. They must have felt some crazy pressure.

damn I really thought it has been 2 months, crazy that it’s only been 1, edited lmao

Of course they removed the Gouki infinite…and it won’t be the last infinite they remove either. Newsflash guys: Capcom added hit stun deterioration to specifically prevent infinites. Why are some of you surprised that Goukie lost his? If you goal in the lab is to find infinites then don’t be surprised when it gets nerfed/removed.

Also I’m surprised it took Capcom this long to add a balance patch. I was fully expecting one on day 1, considering that the game had already been finished for 1.5 to 2 months, and Capcom said they devoted A LOT of development time to balancing. Who says Sent got nerfed because of whining?

Oh man, now I can’t get infinited. This sucks.

True… And yet… Capcom left minimal deterioration on some moves, which makes no sense for infinite prevention. Quite curious.

It’s more about ninja patching anything you find that ends up getting exploited, not just infinites. If it’s too good, Capcom might remove it. I really thought that was what made marvel fun, finding broken shit to use on people and laughing at it.

Well to be fair, they didn’t patch out a large amount of the broken shit. The DHC trick is still in. It just seems like they wanted to prevent infinites is all. They probably had a design philosophy of NO INFINITES so that’s why it was removed.

Sent, I imagine he turned out to be better than they planned. There was virtually no reason to not have the character on your team, now people have to use a bit of discretion in picking their team. Also, most game companies stop supporting their game after the first quarter or so of it being out, so I wouldn’t worry about this continually happening for the length of the games life.

Who knows, but isnt that how it seems.
Has anyone actually heard an offical word from CAPCOM, regarding the patch?

And I hope they dont adopt a looser definition of infinte, to include anything that deals 100% damage.
Like a programed combo breaker to snap you out of any strat that will kill your opp in one mighty swing. lol

Phase 1: Constant whining that Sent should be nerfed
Phase 2: Sentinel gets nerfed
Phase 3: Profit???

Hmmm… that’s tough. I’m gonna go with… Sent got nerfed because… I got nothing. Stupid fucking question.

It’s been said elsewhere but people need to keep in mind that console patches like this don’t get released a day after they’re finished. Certification takes 2 - 5 weeks unless it’s first party, which tends to get fast tracked. (aka PATCH MAI HALO NAO).

The Akuma infinite was old; and it was obvious. Likely their own QA had found it by the time the game even launched. The contents of this patch, including the Sentinel adjustment, were likely based on the 2 months of pre-release sponsored exhibition ranbats. Lots of people don’t know MANY changes were made right before the game was finalized, including a ton of alterations on Thor. They were balancing and tweaking like mad.

So the newer oversights, exploits, and glitches such as DHC, the Zero Glitch, and the airborn Ryu glitch, are much too new to be in a patch like this. We wouldn’t see a patch for those for like 2 - 3 weeks.

IMHO the real reason people should be hitting the lab isn’t to find a new infinite or genuine glitched exploit as their primary focus - but rather to actually test team building, real strategy, and general technology. For all everyone is freaking the hell out over the Sentinel nerf, the “nerf” does not change Sentinel technology either from his perspective, or counter technology. Capcom seems to not like some of the forms of loops; but those are gray areas and you can build an argument for and against them.

The real problem is that Capcom is silent on this and is not clarifying why these changes were made with this patch - was it (as many suspect) just post-development clean-up… or was it in direct response to feedback from the public (as the alarmist and MVC3 haters want it to be, to confirm their doom scenarios).

Honestly, if it wasn’t Sentinel who was affected by this patch, I really doubt there’d be the same degree out controversy. Sentinel is a giant (no pun intended) straw man/robot for people complaining about OP characters. So even if, in the long run, this one change was the right one and an issue they’d already identified in testing before the game shipped, in the short term people will blow their lids and assume the stupidest explanation must be the correct one.

Capcom’s own fans have a pretty twisted adversarial and cynical relationship with them.

On one hand, the fact that they did it so soon has me worried that they might do it often and make coming up with certain strategies unstable due to the threat of them being removed/toned down. On the other hand, I can see it becoming costly for them to keep paying to patch the game and it might not be worthwhile for them in the long run (at least for this game).

I really wish a Capcom representative would address this recent patch soon. Things regarding what motivated them to do it (specifically the balancing part) and how they feel about the responses it got in just a 24-hour period.

I’d particularly like to hear what S-Kill has to say about it seeing that he’s been around to see how several different fighting game communities evolved over the years. I’d rather hear pre-Capcom employee Seth over PR Seth, but I’ll be happy if he addresses it either way. He’s praised Marvel 3’s extensive training mode and I read that he’s even hinted at glitches that have yet to be discovered by the players, so I have to wonder how he feels about the idea of some of that stuff becoming null and void (or if he knows whether or not this is just a one time thing).

I hit the lab the same as before the patch.

Truth. The sentinel fix was probably supposed to be in at launch but didn’t make it for timing reasons and thus the patch.

I heard third party companies have to pay upwards of tens of thousands of dollars for Microsoft to even review a proposed patch; even more goes into approving and implementing it. It’s simply a losing business proposition to drop that much money every month for a game that won’t make it back in sales. I feel like they’ll tweak Dark Phoenix a bit and then leave the game alone. Capcom knows what it’s doing, they gave me SF II Hyper Fighting.

But that’s not what makes Marvel fun, so everything is ok.

Quick question, how long is the process for a company to make a patch, test it and have Sony/Microsoft approve it? Also, out of the mulititude of people who bought/rented the game, how many of them post on forums?

I honestly want to know if this patch is the work of “scrubs” or Capcom had their own prior knowledge of the coming changes since they, you know, made the game.

Chronology doesn’t necessarily indicate causality. There is certainly a possibility that the public outcry against Sentinel was the trigger for the nerf, but it’s still within reason that they reached the same conclusion internally.

No reason not to IMO. In fact, the new patch should encourage people to find new things in their character that they can use