STIIHD Remix only 15.00 bucks!

Wow I thought the game would have gone for more a lot like Wipeout HD


Ok, microsoft better match this pricepoint.

Nice. XBox version goes for $20.


More than likely but instead of money its going to be there point system,but i think its kind of cool that the PS3 version of the game comes out early

I would have easily payed $20, $15 is a fantastic price.:woot:

I think one of the price points is inaccurate. Makes no sense. My guess is HDR will end up 1200pts on 360.

what im wondering , are there going to be more people playing this on PS3 or on xbox 360


Yeah, 20 dollars would be a very bad thing for 360 owners lol. Not only are they getting the game 1 day later, but they also have to pay extra for it. But, nice to hear the game is 15 dollars, I can’t wait.

oh cant wait out on 25th

I am very sure he is saying that instead of money, it will be the microsoft point system. Which they use points to tell you how much a game is. You buy the points instead of buying games directly with cash.

At least, this is what I could gather from his post.

Game comes out on tuesday for USA but what about Europe, Asia and Australia :wonder:

It likely won’t be $20 for 360. Sven said “he had to have a word with someone” over that announcement, so it’s likely false.

I’d say very likely 1200pts for 360.

They can get a US PSN account and order a PSN cash card from the internet imo.

oh I get it

from the last thread poll about this ps3 won but not by a lot

post in the right fucking thread