Sticks that are compatible with PS2 games on backwards-compatible PS3 systems


I’ve searched the forums, and could not find the answer.

I’ve been interested in purchasing a fighting stick for my PS3, but I have read here and there on the net about how some fighting sticks can’t play PS2 software on a backwards-compatible PS3. I have several PS2 games still that I enjoy playing on my PS3.

For example, I’ve heard that Madcatz sticks have this issue (

I’ve read on this forum about the Qanba sticks also having that problem; something about the PS Home button not functioning, thus the PS2 game is inoperable?

The only fight stick maker that I haven’t heard having this issue is Hori. Can anyone direct me to a list of fight sticks that can play PS2 software on a backwards-compatible PS3 please? Thank you.

I was looking forward to purchasing a Qanba stick, as they can be used on PS3, PC, and Xbox, which is a big plus.

I am leaning toward the Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA, as that’s within my budget.

Thank you for reading, and looking forward to hearing back with positive and insightful info. :slight_smile:

I don’t remember the definite list of whats all compatible for PS2 games on the PS3.

I do remember the later Hori Sticks like the V3 are PS2 game compatible on the PS3 as well as All of toodles’s boards.

Thank you so much Darksakul for the reply. I guess not many members don’t frequent the newbie section, but I didn’t want to break any forum rules by posting in the more high traffic Threads. :slight_smile:

Ok, well, I’ve mostly made up my mind in getting the HRAP V3 SA. Not as fancy as some other sticks, but I only play on PS3, and I want to keep continuing to play GG^C+, Arcana Heart, and all my SFalpha and SFII collections.

Thanks, and have a great day~!