Sticks > Pads.. really?

Ok so I know that generally people say that a good fightstick win out against a pad any day of the week but having just acquired a TE stick on Monday I have to disagree. Move on the stick require so much more precises movements than the pad. With the pad I can just spam motions, hitting the button only when I am ready to launch the move. It seems that this sorts of front loading moves is extremely more difficult with the stick. Am I just doing some wrong or is my long history with pads tainting my view of stick play?

Any tips to help the transition?

do you play as ken?

Sell your TE, then, if you’re such a little pad warrior. You’re clearly not good enough to need it.

You will naturally adapt to the change if you just keep practicing with it. The fact is that the enhanced precision of the stick and buttons are the reason I’ve improved so much recently; I’m much worse with a pad now than I am with a stick.

Cynicism doesn’t really help the threads…

To the OP,
It takes time to adjust. You have to get used to it. How long have you been using the stick? I came from a pad not too long ago and it probably took me a good 3 weeks before I was as comfortable on a stick as I was on a pad. In general, precision > spamming. Sticks let you be more precise, and while you could just spam inputs into your pad, you should try to do the move only when you’re ready to do it.

The other benefit of sticks is easier access to all the buttons, and you should have an easier time pressing more than 1 button at once than on a pad.

well you could either get an octagonal gate so you do hadoukens easier, or just get used to the stick…You cant get used to a thing with just days of use

What did you get your stick for? If you really don’t like it, you can sell it here. But I think you should keep practicing with it, it actually makes the game more fun.

You got the stick on Monday. Damnit, give it time and practice.

As an ex-pad user myself, using a square gate really killed my gameplay and I couldn’t get used to it after a few weeks, so I switched to octogonal (and then to circle) and now I’m doing much better with it. So Kaizen is on to something here.

and btw, octogonal also makes charge characters a lot easier too I find. It’s really quite something to get used to that.

Pad is decent after using it for a while, but like the other people said it will take time to learn a new method of playing the same game. Keep at it and I’m sure after a while it will become second nature for you, fight sticks really are much better.

If you don’t want the TE stick then sell it and get your money back, there’s most likely plenty of buyers out there as long as you don’t jack the price up grossly.

play on the stick for at least a month. if you still think your better with a pad switch back and see how much things have changed…

i just got my stick today from kaytrim and me being used to sticks a while ago, i still need time to adjust.

Why do almost all '09 members refer to arcade sticks as “fightsticks?” I thought only MadCatz made those.

OT, it might take a while to get adjusted to. If you don’t have the effort/feel you’re better off with pad, then sell the stick.

from an ex-pad tekken player, i can say that stick >>>>>> pad. but it takes a long time to get used to. reaction and execution goes up so much when using a stick after you get used to the stick.

only tips I can give you is you have to play on the stick all the time to get used to it. should be a few months depending on how much you play.

Hey thanks for the useful input…

For everyone else that contributed something useful thank you! I just wanted to hear from some other players who have made the switch to see if there was something really basic I was missing out or something or if I just had to resign myself to taking my lumps for a while, till I got more up to speed. I might look at changing the gate but if the guys over in Japan can roll with the square I am sure I can learn as well.

Yeah, changing your input format drastically is going to take more than 4 days to get used to.

There are a number of advantages sticks have over pads. One of these days I’m going to have to go over some of them, like much easier mutli-button presses, more fluid command entry for certain complex commands. qcb+ uf is way, way easier on stick. Kara commands are much easier on a stick.

I’ve been playing on a stick for a month, and I’m seeing these advantages, in spite of not being a high level player.

My first stick I picked up was a VF5 Hori EX stick for the 360. And I had a hard time adjusting to it while I played DOA4, and VF5 at the time. I found the button layout to be awesome, but the stick itself to be hard to move around. After a weeks use, I got better, and the more I used it, I realized that in the beginning, I overcompensated for any motion, which was why the moves didn’t execute. So, my advice is look at your hand when you’re doing motions, you might be overcompensating like I did when I started.

Sticks only make a difference when you’re no longer cocking up the basics.


Like Coke and Kleenex, man. Genius.

As for the TC, if you’re wondering why people are hating, it sounds like you bought a precision instrument without doing that much research on why or how you would use it.

Tempers flare higher in a famine.

Xbox 360 pads are admittedly low tier by design. The trigger buttons run on an analog configuration and require more of a depression to register a solid signal. A stick allows for a more evenly spread hand positioning, and with the Japanese natural layout it confirms to the length of your fingers as well. Every button on a stick (assuming it uses the same type of button for each) will have an equally tactile response as the buttons around it, meaning more fluency.

Dunno if you ever played marvel vs capcom 2, but have you ever tried to mash out of a grab tempest with a pad?

Even the basics become easier, you can start using piano techniques, double tapping normals,certain kara motions that are impossible on pad are now possible.’

Playing on pad isn’t that bad, but you give up some advanced options when you play on them.