Stick works on Xbox App but not Steam

I’m using a Hori Real Arcade Pro .V - it only functions when I open the Xbox app which is pissing me off. It’s not recognised as a controller in control panel and I can’t use emulators either. It’s just an Xbox Peripheral under device manager.

Help, please.

I feel like there are specific drivers for the hori stuff

can’t find any drivers for hori

But there isn’t

Which one? There a half dozen variants, all with different PCB revisions

Also keep in mind all the stick makers that makes Sticks for CONSOLES do not guarantee or or recommend use on a PC.
They will maintain that the Product is only for the system the controller is built and marketed for

The Hori Real Arcade Pro .V that guarantees PC Compatibility is the later PS4 Models with the PC mode or the mode switch (PS3-PS4-PC).
The PC mode switches the stick to Xinput compatibility mode.

This is an Xbox One version that is advertised for PC as well. RAP.V

I found a driver for xbox one controller - applied that. It works but not all the buttons do. Getting close.

So its an xbox one stick… those work, but not rb and rt. So you need to rewire the stick and and swap those with lt and lb, then remap your buttons in the game youre playing or in steam settings.

Xbox one sticks have several know issues on pc, including last two bu5tobs not working in games