Stick Shopping GTA (Greater Toronto Area, Canada)

I was wondering if I (and anyone else that lives in Toronto) could get any help through the SRK forums about good places to purchase sticks in the GTA. Custom stick makers, factory made sticks, stick parts, anything. I would like to see all the options.

So far I have only been able to find (custom sticks) and (cheap sale on Sanwa parts) but I know there must be more.

Additional finds through thread so far:

Anyone’s recommendations on where to shop and their experience dealing with shops would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been through the forums and haven’t found this topic. I hope its not a duplicate.

Those are the only two that I know of. I have 2-3 custom sticks on the go with 1 complete and I ordered all my parts from lizard lick. Top notch service and I order from them every couple weeks with no trouble. I also order straight from toodles for the MC.

If you want to buy a stick hit up EBgames, they have them. The one on queen street has a round 2 I think sitting in the back.

Well if you have access or resources to make your own case then just order the parts from Lizardlicks. Chad is a great guy to deal with, I ordered my parts and got them up here in Toronto in less than one week. If you are interested I have a Madcatz SE for $60 which is perfect if you want to get into modding and working on fight sticks. There are a few local guys I can refer you to for Sanwa parts so shoot me a PM if you want the SE. I have the box. manuals and SFIV moves list card as well. Thanks.

While we’re on the topic, does anyone know where I can get an akuma fightpad? My nephews 5th birthday is coming up and he plays akuma and really wants a fight pad.
I wonder if EB games can order me one? for some good deals on arcade parts and they have fast shipping to boot.

I used to live in Toronto but I do all my major purchases there still, so here’s my input.

If you want a factory stick like the TE or the SE, your only option now is to head to an EB Games and hope they have a stick in stock. The prices are a little bit hiked up due to the incorrect currency conversion. You used to be able to get sticks from when they had amazing deals on SE and TEs. They don’t do them very often anymore though.

If you want a custom stick, I have to recommend GTArcade. He makes excellent sticks and if I remember correctly, he paints his arcade sticks with auto paint so his sticks always come out looking super nice. You have a wealth of options if you order a custom from GTArcade.

If you want parts, both GTArcade and The Playdium Store are excellent stores.

I want to say you can get a custom from Finkle, as he’s also based in Toronto but I don’t think he’s posted in a while.

Finkle sticks are great. The arts-man ship put into it is top notch.