Stick question

Is there ANY way that I could install a U.S. Stick on a SF4 SE fightstick?

This is probably a better question for the tech forum.

This question is probably best asked here :
SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Arcade Stick FAQ

But as for an American stick, I’m not understanding the question fully. Are you looking of putting a Bat top on a SE Fightstick? If so, then yes you can. There are bat tops that are sold that can fit onto the ball-top of a LS-32 or a JLF like shown here :

In my opinion, just make sure you replace the whole stick with a legit JLF or LS-32 on the SE stick, since the stock joystick on a SE crap out real easily since they are knock-off imitations of japanese-styled parts. While you are replacing the joystick, also replace the buttons, since they also crap out since they are also knock-offs.

You probably can. Head over to the tech forum and search, there is a thread all about modding your SE. They probably talk about it. As far as american sticks, you’re pretty much limited to HAPP or IL-eurostick (which is HAPP). Look around for some info on it, but most likely you will be able to moutn one, you just might need to make your own mounting bracket.

Like they said, this should probably go in tech talk or the newbie stick thread. This question is asked in tech talk a lot, so searching there would have worked too.

To answer your question, no. For all intents and purposes, Happs will no fit in a SE case. They require a much deeper mount space than Japanese sticks.

QCF still has some happ cases pretty cheap

just buy one and move the guts from your SE over