Stick Question

Hello i have street fighter 4 for the ps3 and the xbox360. I want to buy a stick but i only want to buy it for one system is it possible that i can get a converter to work with it for both systems?

PS3 <-> 360 converters are pretty pricey and are reported to not even be that good.

Get a PS2 stick and then use the XConverter 360 and inPin converters. Both can be purchased from jinxmitchell (ships from norcal) or laugh (ships from korea). Note that you need a wired 360 controller to use with the XConverter 360 to make it work.

You could also get the Joytech stick that laugh has for sale, it works on both PS3 and 360 right out of the box. It needs to be modded if you want it to be a high quality stick, though.

you can dual mod it.