Stick Question.

I recently bought a joystick (2 months ago) and I’m still finding double QCF in one direction a lot harder. So I’ve decided that maybe its time to try a new stick, and i was wonder how people find Korean sticks since i was told they don’t have a gate and were stiffer.

Practice and trying different techniques will fix that. You could also try a different gate style, like an octagon ( ) or a circle ( ). I would definitely try those before dropping the cash on a whole new stick.

When i first went from Pad to stick, I found doing QCF when facing right harder than qcb, so I tended to want to play on p2. Once i started adjusting my wrist position this became easier.
Try and modify how you hold the stick, there is a guide on youtube of the most popular grips, it has a few pointers. There is no right or wrong way but there are ways that make other things easier :wink: