Stick players, need some info

So Ive been playing with my standard PS4 controller. Ive been playing SF on pad for as long as I can remember, with my only stick experience being in the late 90s early 2000s at arcades, where I didnt do horrible, but it wasnt something I did often. Maybe 1-2 times a week.

Watching other Vega online vids, I feel like I know how to do what those people do, but I cant seem to be able to execute. I think part of it is position of the D-pad and pressing buttons instead of tapping. I find myself doing claw switch lots of times where I am trying to do s lk, c lp, lk roll. Im thinking about getting either the mad katz alpha or the hori mini and trying on stick.

I know I would be training to relearn muscle memory for combos, but Im curious on which stick since the alpha is a 6 button, while the hori mini is an 8 button. I notice full size sticks have 8 buttons so I am kinda leaning towards the hori in case I do find I like it and can make the easier transition if I were to buy a full size stick. Then again, the alpha has standard size buttons.

Also, if I were to do the mini, how do you guys set up the extra 2 buttons? V-skill and V-trigger, or another combo?

Thanks in advance.

I must be asking for the combination to the lock that holds the cure for cancer or something. LOL.

I play 6 button and either take the extra 2 buttons out entirely or, on my Fighting Edge, just turn them off. I think a lot of old-school arcade players are the same way; 6 buttons or gtfo. If I was going to use them I probably would set them to v-skill and v-trigger.