Stick Players -- Getting Used to 2p?


I’ve been playing with an arcade stick for a while now, but even to this day I’m still having trouble getting used to the 2p side of things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely useless, but when it comes to hit-confirming into a super, I just can’t pull it off properly. A lot of the time I end up putting out a dragon-punch move (if the character has such a move), and it’s starting to get on my nerves.

Any tips on learning the 2 player side? Maybe different way to hold the joystick? Being completely harmless in a super-esq fashion on the 2p side is really starting to bother me.

Thanks in advance.

Mate, you know what everyone’s going to say, practice practice practice.

Actually I have a spell you can cast on your hands to instantly have perfect execution on both sides! I won’t tell anyone until they practice a whole bunch though.

Even if there was some magic hand position that made playing on the other side instantly easy (which there isn’t), would you want to be switching gripping techniques everytime you get crossed up?

hit confirming on 2p is easier for me. But somethings might be harder. IMO it is easier and faster to close my hand then open it. just take your middle finger and roll it down twice.

Funny you bring this up cause I used to be the same, but I just used the 2P side in arcade mode starting like half a year ago and got used to it (this is on a PS2). Now, I’ve noticed that my execution is worse on the 1P side. :rolleyes:

You’ll get used to it eventually.

I’m the same way but on 1p side.

Try holding the stick a different way, you might find a hand placement that you like better. Also buffer when possible if you’re a lazy bastard like me.

dont sweat it Im pretty sure 100% of us all players had the same problem until we got used to it. just keep playing and youl get used to it.

I had problems even being player 2 with a bad, as did some of the people who I played with. Something about being on the left just made me feel unbalanced. I got used to it with time in my case, not really practice.

Depending on the type of stick you have, you may find it easier to not pull the stick through its full range of motion.

What I mean if your stick is in neutral and its say a full inch to down. Just Pull the stick a half inch so it registers the down motion but makes the complete motion range smaller.

I couldnt special on the 2p side…so i pick hugo now im good on both sides

Yeah I got over this problem before I went to stick.
The best way to get results is play on the second player side and in about a couple of hours it becomes second nature. If that doesnt help go to training and do the motions while look at your stick. I tend to do that in alpha every now and than and it gets results. Also how you hold the stick helps. You can change the way you hold the stick during a match. If all else fails go back to pad.