Stick or Pad?

Are you currently using a stick or pad for KI? and do you feel there is much difference?

I am usually a stick user on SSF4AE, UMVC3 and KOF XIII.
As there is a Lack of stock of the TE2 Ki stick, Oh and my reluctance to Buy a CronusMax as i dont want any lag to occur on ranked matches.
I have the problem of Been playing KI from Nov 22 with Pad and occasionally missing Command inputs.

So what to do?
Do i wait it out and buy the TE2?
Wait even longer and Pray Xbox updates Backwards compatability of my Paewong/Mayflash Mod?
Buy a CronusMax?
or stick to the XBone pad and occasionally do a shady footsie followed by a Kick punch as i miss commands?

Im using a Cronus max with a SFXT pad, and im very happy, my only concern is if Cronus max will be legal in tournies.

the Cronus is already banned at several tournaments.
MS is not going to allow for backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 controllers on the Xbone, as marketing wise why would they cheat them selves out of new sales.

  1. You can wait it out and buy the TE2,
  2. your self or get someone to mod a stick with a Xbox one controller PCB
  1. wait for a new PCB to appear on the market that allows Xbox one play
  2. wait for another Xbone stick to come to the market.

I have a TE2 and yes, it makes a HUGE difference for me personally. But I hadn’t played fighters on pad since PSX days. And the PSX pad is about 1,000,000 times better than the X1 pad when it comes to fighters. I felt like a disabled person playing KI on the pad until I got my TE2.

Thanks for the response don’t think i have the skills to try and mod my current stick. the Work i did with the Paewong mayflash mod is shoddy at best. I just used that PCB as it was xbox ps3 and PC compatible and stuck a JLF and some sanwa buttons in the old case.
so its back to Wait till TE2 is in stock or wait for a new XBone stick.

I have emailed the UK and USA madcatz office hoping for a update on a time and will keep this thread updated with any news i find.
and if its more than a month or two. it will be the cronus for sure

Im good with Pad or Stick, I use pad on MK9 and injustice But as 90% of KI characters are all about QCF and QCB i would like a stick as i hate missing commands. I really struggle to play as Thunder as i always seem to find myself Ending his QCF punch combos with the Dragon punch command.

I am using the Xbox controller with the Swivel Stick. I refuse to blame the controller if I lose however a stick will give you more control.

If I could only do a wake up/Anti Air DP with Jago consistently I swear I would be so much better. =p

certainly not a loss is a loss and a win a win. i dont blame my tools. its more a case of i play with the If only thing over my head. and when i play someone whos clearly using a stick and i cant help but think in my head if i had a stick i would have beat him.

I play thunder a lot recently and people like jago and glacius can keep me at range. if and when i get a stick up and running. i will be able to move in on them with thunders dragon punch to heavy kick combo and gain that valuable ground. then confirm a QCB kick for that long range chip to start my combo.

i just dont have the confidence to do this with a pad and 100% nail everything first time. and if its not nailed first time i leave myself open to medium and heavy windkicks all day.

Still not heard anything from any offical mad catz reps so looks like i may just be getting the cronusmax. while i end up waiting for 3 months for mad catz to sort out there stuff.

MadCatz finally got back to me and said they may be available in Feb. so ill get a Cronusmax while i wait. just thought i would let people know Feb. if you want a madcatz TE2 keep your eyes open.

If you don’t have any alternatives I’d say the xbone pad is serviceable.

I’m using it now and while I miss a good 20% of my inputs it still gets the job done so long as you press down hard on the pad.

For me personally, I need to use the stick. While the Xbox One controller is usable and the Dpad is a monumental upgrade from the 360 Dpad, I was whiffing everything with it. I found myself just standing around punching/kicking instead of using openers, specials, and shadow moves. I couldn’t even finish DOJO mode with the controller, and that’s with hours and hours of trying. 20 minutes with the stick (after removing the square restrictor), done. It really is all down to preference though. There’s plenty of folks who use a controller even at high level. Funny though, this is the first stick i’ve owned since the SNES days, and back then it was to play KI, lol.

I wish I could get my hands on the new TE2 for XB1 but I lost out by waiting too long to pre-order the thing from MadCatz…so I’m forced to use the pad. While I would love to be using stick, the pad is doing pretty well for me. I don’t use the D-pad, I use the thumb stick.

well shit you should just wait it out I mean those sticks are selling like hot cakes but yes i feel handicapped playing ki at the moment because i also don’t have a stick but i don’t want too many people to get ahead of me in skill level like i’m still going to play it just not to the best of my ability because i also played on stick my entire life so going to a controller is damn near impossible especially in k.i

Finally got my hands on a TE2 and the transition has been a bit slow going, though im putting practice into the motions that I’m having issues with. slowly becoming more and more natural. I can do manuals a bit easier since switching (though that may have been due to patience TBH). overall, eager to level up my overall exp with stick

wow i didn’t know cronus max was banned… why is it banned? just curious

Supposedly has input delay and has also been said to cause errors in the inputs on the other controller.

Was there any documentation on this? I’m just curious because I use the Cronus to route my Qanba Q4 to the Xbox One, and I don’t notice any lag at all. Granted, this for offline play. As for error inputs on the other controller, I’ll have to test that when fightnight rolls around on Tuesday.

Definitely going for Razer’s next month. I have no idea how justin wong plays on a controller and he even chose the hardest character in the game.

I remember watching a minor tournament where Chris G first had his main team DoomMorrigon. He couldn’t do Morrigon’s spam because his opponent was hooking a convertor, so his opponent had to take a controller from the crowd. Pretty much convertors are infamous in tourneys