Stick not working sometimes

My fightstick seems to be pooping out on me a lot and I can’t figure out why. My stick is a madcatz MvC te stick that has been dual modded chimpSMD for a couple of months now. The problem is that the stick does not input sometimes when I move it around but the buttons work perfectly fine when the stick doesn’t input. This has just started to happen recently and the stick worked perfectly before. I’ve opened the stick and checked if all the connections are good and everything looks fine. When the stick doesn’t input I just shake it and it starts to work again. help please

Obligatory “pics will help” post.

Slider set to something other than DP? Put it on DP.

If it’s not that, maybe some more info will help. It’s dual modded, is it only acting up on one console or both?

I currently don’t have a fighting game on ps3 because I sold it my fighting games on ps3… I could go to my friend’s place and test it out but its midnight here so I have to do it tomorrow. Is there something specific I need to take a picture of?

Is the Chimp touching the metal panel?

doesn’t the JLF touch the chimp if its positioned there?

Have you at any point removed the connector from the JLF? I bet it’s coming loose. Try a JLF-TE from Toodles:

I’ve seen some workarounds like hotgluing the connector in place in its sweet spot, or using a rubber band to pull it into the JLF, but an actual proper connector is the only true fix.

looks like your shorting the chimp on the metal plate like what Bartstation has stated… I would start there first to make sure… a couple strips of electrical tape on the metal panel below the chimp would help that… since you are using screw terminals with very small gauge wire check the ground connected to your directionals on the chimp as well…

the chimp isn’t touching the metal panel, I put electrical tape to cover the bottom when I first installed it so that was definitely not the cause of my problem. I think it may be the JLF cable so I guess I will buy to fix it. But I’m not sure what osiriskidd is talking about. sorry I’m still very new to modding.

He’s asking if the bottom of the stick touches the Chimp. Doesn’t look like it does though.

So just to clarify since my stick is a sanwa stick, but I’m not entirely sure since when I bought the fightstick it had that stick, getting the cable is will probably fix my problem. I’m currently trying to ask my friend who I bought the fightstick from if it is a sanwa stick but he isn’t responding. I’m pretty sure it will fix it though since I do have find a sweet spot like you said DanAdamKOF

It’s a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT.