Stick Neutral space


I bought a Venom stick for my PS4 to avoid spending out more money and thought I would eventually just modify it with a new stick and buttons anyway so it would be fine. I cannot do this yet and the stick is giving me some trouble as I am used to playing on my madcatz pro.

The neutral position seems to be very small in the middle so when I’m playing sometimes I will get moves that aren’t intended as it will still register a downwards position. For example getting a ducking with dudley instead of getting f.MP.

Is there anyway to change this on the current stick or will I have to just bear with it until I upgrade? As well as this, does anyone know what exact stick is in the madcatz pro? I liked it so see no need to get something different.

I was assuming just this one would be fine Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Ball Top Joystick, but I wasn’t sure if they were slightly different. Then all I need is a JST cable right?

You might want to check up on this thread, Venom arcade stick PS4/PS3

A small neural zome isn’t inherently a bad thing, many users actually prefer it. It does take some getting used to, as more precision is required.

Venom joystick and push button parts are made just to do their job and nothing else.

I agree a Small neural zone is not bad, even the Sanwa JLF has a small neural zone. Every stick to some degree have some sort of neural area, if nothing else to provide just enough clearance for normal operations.
Leave no neutral zone and you can easily tap a direction you didn’t want or not be able to move at all (depending on the circumstance).

Tip: the smaller the neutral zone the more precise you have to be with your execution, the JLF has just enough a neutral zone that the joystick becomes somewhat forgiving for fighters.

Yeah it wouldn’t be a bad thing for me to try and get used to it because I suppose it could help execution, I’m just used to the Sanwa stick in the Madcatz fight stick. It will be with dudley for example when I am holding down block, then I’ll raise the stick enough to stand and press roundhouse if maybe I’m punishing something but then the stick would be in the ‘up’ zone without it intending to.

Like if I hold the stick down and let go, it would make my chcracter jump which I don’t think should be the case. Either way it’ll feel better to change it :slight_smile: Maybe it’s just mroe springy but since I’ve been using it, it’s harder to play.

Not to mention playing on PS4 is way worse than playing on PC too anyway haha

Sounds like a weak or worn out Joystick spring. Replace the spring.

I have to disagree. Too many technical issues arise with the PC versions of SF 4 and 5.

Never had problems with either.

You don’t get swamped with “OMG my Stick don’t work with PC Street Fighter” or “My PC Street Fighter install isn’t working” every other day.
I even get PMs from people asking me for help and I don’t even own (or want to own now) a PC copy of Street Fighter.

That’s unfortunate, myself I’ve never personally had any problems. I like the fact that you can change the graphic settings to “ink” too and it makes it easier on the eyes.

Only problem is there seems to be a lot less people playing on PC now and more on PS4, though with worse connections more regularly.

I’ll look into changing the spring, but I had a thought, I could probably just replace the stick with the one out of my madcatz controller no?

Alot of those fools are on Wifi and not hard wired with a Ethernet cable or they have a shitty ISP.

Yes, you could swap the lever.