Stick Malfunction

I use a SE SF4 stick, no mods on it and my Upper Left button (Jab) Only works about half the time, It was working fine until randomly one match I noticed my Jabs werent coming out, When I put turbo on that button it works but Im pretty sure you cant ure turbo in tournaments.
Does anyone know whats the problem and how to fix it?

The problem is the stock buttons are incredibly bad. You’ll have to mod it if you want to get good results.

Can you point me in the direction of a thread that helps mod SE sticks? ive never been to the Tech Talk forum, but il be checking around now

Well from now on you should check the stickies first. The Essential Joystick thread has everything you’ll need regarding modding. Recommended places to buy parts are,,, or from ponyboy in the forums.