Stick input lag

so I wanted to play 3s on my comp ,so i bought a cheap knockoff stick with the intentions of gutting it, and a super joybox 5 pro ps2/usb adapter which is supposed to be good. However with the stick im using im getting about 2-5 frames of input lag. The weird thing is the joystick doesn’t lag at all, only the buttons. I did some searching to find out some pcbs will lag more with adapters then others. Now this has me thinking this stick is just useless now. So I’m wondering what pcbs/sticks can work with zero input lag with a super joy box 5 pro adapter.^^

probably a ps1 dual shock.

pelican ps2>ps3 adapter might work as well. best converter to use on pc and ps3, hands down

Super Joybox 5 Pro sucks. I had one before and could never get all 4 ports to work at the same time. Do what erikstanton and SaBrE suggested and you will be good to go.

really? alot of people suggested this to me I guess ill go out and buy one.

I have to back up Sabre, the pelican ps3 adapter is friggin awsome.

yeah thats what i use and its way gooood.

O noesss, my money! But did it lag for you, or was it only the ports? Cause I only need the 1 port. If I can use 1 port with no lag i’ll be happy.

Yeah I got the pelican and find it to be damn near flawless. Virtually no lag on beatmania either with that thing.