Stick from Scratch: Need help from A-Z


I’m looking to build a stick, problem being I don’t have a clue about microswitches etc and I haven’t used a PCB for around 10 years now so I’m kinda jumping back in at the deep end…

I know that most (if not all) of the information I need will be posted somewhere so if anyone can post a link(s) it’d be most appreciated :smile:

anyway…what i’m looking to do:

  • Happ Perfect 360 with a circular gate
  • 8 face buttons (Seimitsu or Sanwa I’m thinking, not a fan of “clicky” buttons), but finish isn’t too important at this stage
  • Turbo on/off ability for all 8 face buttons
  • Compatable with Xbox 360 and PS3 (I understand I’d need to crack open a couple of pads for this?)

Again, I’m sure this is a lot to ask but any help would be appreciated


Not to be a dick, but there’s a search function on this site. Anybody trying to help you would have to use that exact same search function to find links for you.

As a sidenote, I’m not even sure that turbo + dual pad compatibility is even workable.

There is a sticky with all known information here:

You can use this thread to ask specific questions about your build, but go there first and get crackin’.

yeah sorry, the search function threw up tonnes of results, the vast mojority of which were far too technical…I’m after beginners level A-Z

and thanks for the link MentallyInept :tup:

Start reading. I’ve come to learn this place is great if you have specific questions but no one is just going to lay it out for you. Be sure to check out the pad hacking thread too. Slag coin’s website is probably the best thing you are going to find but you are going to have to spend some time learning how to do everything.

to summarize what you might read at slagcoin’s…

get a miterbox to cut wood, a hole saw to cut holes, acrylic if you want nice artwork and stuff. you’ll need a pcb from a controller for w/e system you intend to use your stick on. a soldering iron and wire to solder stuff up. and buttons. slagcoin even has detailed builds that are practically step by step tutorials or “A-Z” tutorials. but it will take time to digest. i read and reread and reread slagcoin’s for about a week before i even attempted my first build.

Also check this for box design considerations:

I 2nd Slagcoin’s site. Slagcoin’s site is great, especially since it didn’t exist a few years ago and you had to dig through the padhacking thread to find ANY info.

Slagcoin’s site is definitely a good place to start but it by no means has everything depending on what you want to do. And it’s all about being creative so have some fun learning and then give it a shot.

definitely have to agree with myndflyte, you really don’t want to have something that looks like everyone elses. but if you really need an A-Z guide, that’s the best i’ve seen. the thing is, all the wood/parts/etc that he used might not be available to you at reasonable prices so it’s best to go with what you can find and design based on that.

Dude just about every wuestion that could’ve been asked has been answered here or on slagcoins’s site you just need to look. I don think anybody wants to hold your hand and walk you through the process.

yep lots of threads on doing this…

this is the first i’ve heard of slagcoin and that site is great, thanks

i’m not looking for any “hand-holding” just needed pointing in the right direction as the basics are pretty well buried in under the more advanced stuff

thank you again to all those that helped

looks like i have a lot of reading to do