Stick directional issue

Stick turns everywhere but right, was missing right a lot on my old pcb, so figured it was the pcb and replaced it, now everything works better except, right doesn’t move at all now, any ideas? Its for the te2.

Everything is cleaned, gate is new as well.

Got another box to test the stick in with a separate cable and controller to see if the problem follows? If not, how about a multimeter and the ability to test resistance and/or continuity?

dont have either. I’m pretty light on stick knowledge.

Best bet may be to find a modder in your area that can help with repair. Your only other option is to get a low cost meter and pickup a few skills. :wink:

If it was working intermittently before the PCB replacement, and now is not working at all after the PCB replacement, it’s very likely that either
a) the wire to the ‘right’ direction has no continuity anymore; or
b) the JLF microswitch-PCB has a bad microswitch.

If you have access to a fully functional 2nd stick, an easy way to test this would be swap the JLF’s PCB and test. Then swap the wiring harness and test again. That would definitely narrow it down.

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I’d like to try to learn it myself, so is this what I buy for the te2? DIY 25CM Two Headed JLF harness

Also, is there a forum where you can find a modder in your area?

Start by getting yourself an inexpensive digital multimeter. A quick look on amazon and have have some decent looking items for around $10 with free shipping. Harbor freight has several sub $10 offerings as well and you can always find a coupon for those guys.

Where are you located?

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portland, oregon, what is a multimeter for?

I hit google and this was the first thing that came up: How to use a Multimeter

Good video covering the basics. You can rewind and watch the entire video from the beginning but I linked you to a point where the video discusses testing wires in a circuit. This is why you should have even a cheap meter on hand. In the old days I would say go get one from Radio Shack but that store is long gone.

Not a local so can’t help but there is another thread here for locating a modders in your area which may help.

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Can’t find anybody in the oregon area that does modding unfortunately so I guess I’ll have to figure some of it out.

I have the ps 14 kn seimetsu buttons and am trying to get the pressure higher for them. They have springs for these buttons and the options are LS-56, LS-38, LS-32-01. What do the LS numbers mean? Just pressure value? Thanks.

Hrm, it looks like those are joystick springs, how do I find the seimetsu button springs?

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The switches that come with PS-14-KNs are some of the highest tension switches for pushbuttons that are easily available. Any higher and you’re looking at the Happ/IL level of tension with the Cherry switches.

Go with the ones that Darksakul linked; I’ve never used them, but I’ve had luck with adding tension to Sanwa OBSF buttons (I prefer the PS-14-KN level of tension myself) using a set of relatively light springs that I got from disassembling a Nerf gun. :slight_smile:


What part do I replace to replace the wire to the right direction? - TE2 EZ MOD Install (Part 1) - YouTube here I found a modding video on the te2, at 3:55 is the part he is mentioning that I need to replace? What is it called? Also I need to find a longer wire of the part at 4:50, which is the start and select button wires and I need to know what that part is called?

I am trying to drill different holes for the start/select buttons on the stick and I need a longer wire to reach it.

anybody know?

Change this cable: