Stick Artwork needed

yea so i think i’m going to grab a stick from dreaded fist but i don’t want to rock one with just some random ass wallpaper i found online. i need something to throw on a large box stick, color doesn’t really matter as long as it’s hot (and not hot as in hot pink). characters don’t matter either as long as i know who they are, but if it can hooked up with a 3s char (ken, makoto, dudley, hugo, ur…i’ll stop at hugo) that would be hot. i’m willing to look at anything though because i’ve seen people put some hot shit together on this board, so if someone could hook me up and pm me or just drop the design in this thread that would be high appreciated.
link to the templates for the sticks, i think that the one i want is Atemplate.psd. I figured i might as well post that so if someone does hook me up not need to have their shit cut off by buttons…so yea any help = highly appreciated.


I also requested one and no one helped me out, were is the love srk

damn i get’s no love on this board i guess then…quiche won’t even hit me up with a smash brothers av…but umm just in case someone will make it i actually have an idea…

In between the stick and the buttons i could use a dudley holding his jacket (from his win pose) and the background can be whatever but the bottom should say
"…you have no dignity…"
Color scheme in red and black like the dudley in my av just not so gray looking, and with black gloves (if they can be seen in that pose). That’s all i got so if someone hooks me up that’ll be cool, if not i’ll just steal some wallpaper from somewhere.

i could give it a try

that’s all i’m asking for.