Stick Art Request

Since the major stick art request threads appear to be fairly dead, I’m gonna go ahead and make a new topic.

I’m looking for some fairly simple art. Basically, I’d like Vega in his Red Impact pose but holding a burrito instead of having his claw. This can be a silhouette if it makes it easier; I’d be fine with a black silhouette on a white background. Like I said, I’m not looking for anything too fancy. The only thing I managed to find was a CvS2 sprite rip, so it’s not very high quality. Would anyone be willing to do this for me?

Here is the sprite rip I found and the template. The stick size is 8.5 x 11.


Something like that? [I put it black as a sample because the burrito was hard to see on white.]

Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking! Do you think it might look better just as a silhouette with the edges smoothed, though? It seems like when I printed it for my stick it would be extremely pixellated. Thanks a lot for helping me out with this. :bgrin:

Edit: On second thought, pixellated might not be that bad; it could be a good kind of retro look. The burrito doesn’t have to be authentically colored, btw, it could just be cylindrical and silver like a wrapped Chipotle burrito or something like that.

I put it as a silhouette and Vega’s sprite didn’t look too good [in my opinion]. Here’s a sample. I put different colorings. I think the bottom-right looks nice but it ain’t for my stick so it’s just a personal favorite. And happy to help, whether you use it or not. :tup:

And I can redraw the burrito to your liking if you want. No problem [though it may not come out as you expect because I am not familiar with Chipotle burritos…:sweat: I usually go to Taco Del Mexico over here in SoCal.]

Yeah, I really like that bottom right one; very nice color edit. As for the burrito, I was basically just thinking you could make it silver or something instead so that it wouldn’t blend in with the white background so much (Chipotle burritos are basically perfect stubby cylinders that they wrap in silver foil). Yellow might work as well (think corn tortillas :wink: ). In the end, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like as long as it’s recognizable as a burrito and doesn’t blend in with the background. I’ll trust your artistic skills. :bgrin:

I’ll give it a bash, though im thinking it would be better to just redraw the image so you have a nice crisp image instead of a blurry one.

Wont be able to do anything over the weekend, but if someone else wants to finish it off then i can send you the photoshop file. All it needs is a little tidying up, shadows and shading and a face lol.