Stick art opinion

Hey, gonna put my first stick together soon and I have been messing with photoshop to get some art ready.

I am not a expert…as you can tell. Any opinions on what I could do to the right side. It feels a little blank, but the image of Ryu and Ken doesn’t have a transparent background and I am having problems trying to erase it all without screwing up the picture.

The ink splatter on the right was taken from Nikos stick * thanks for the idea :)*


Red instead of purple would work better IMO

You say the centre looks bland but if you think about when you use the stick your hand will cover up Ryu, so why not move them into the centre, then have the faded stripes on both sides.

Cut them out with the polygonal lasso to cut them out not the eraser

Was an idiot and bought purple buttons and stick ball so I thought I should put some purple into the art.

I’ll try doing what you said in a little while and I’ll post up the results.

Thanks for the tips!

Did you keep the reciept?

Looks nice man :tup:

Yeah, I actually just emailed the shop I ordered them from to see if they shipped already, and if I could switch to red.

Ended up changing the purple to red and it does look a lot better.

Having a hard time trimming the picture out with the lasso, but still working on it.

thanks Hugo :slight_smile:

edit: here it is with red and some swirly thing in the background

Wow! huge pic! it certainly looks better with the red gradient

Small screen!! :arazz:

Yes looks much better with the red, hopefully they havent posted it yet, cos I can imagine it will look pretty sweet with the red buttons and stick

Either he resized that thing or Firefox zoom feature went nuts yesterday cause it was humongous when I 1st opened the thread, my screen is just an old 24" BenQ.

Yes fish get thirsty damn it! sorry I just had to say it lol nice stick art btw

Pretty cool, post photos of your stick when you’re done :slight_smile:

also depends what resolution you are running at

Native (1920x1200).
Don’t want to de-rail the thread anymore, looking forward to the final product.

Still be messing with my stick art. I did get to switch the buttons and stick ball to red so that is good.

Having a hell of a time trying to edit the background out of these images. Is there a site that has these high res already edited?

opinions on this didn’t change the diagonals yet…obviously :slight_smile:

tried cutting this out like 5 times now. You guys think this one is clean enough to use for printing?

image isn’t done obviously just needed a background to put Able over.


It looks high res so it should be fine for printing.

Although to be honest I don’t think the red banner matches very well with Abel’s colours and not to mention the whole design-style of Abel is different than the background. The whole image just doesn’t flow in my opinion.

Try stylizing the red banner to look more like Abel’s ‘dingy black shadowy’ look if you know what I mean.

Found some pictures of Ken I liked so here is another one…again not done.

I took this to kinkos to see how it printed and I am kind of disappointed. Ken’s outfit is almost black and the blue bar is basically purple. Do you guys tell Kinkos to pint at a certain setting or something?

Gonna change it to a lighter blue and try printing it again tomorrow.

Any ideas of what I could add to this one?

Thanks again!

i dont like the Halvie thing.

I like the first with the purple best though.

able one is the best imo

I like the new one with Ken the best, although I would of made the cast shot bigger its such a awesome image deserves more attention. Also the font you used is rather bland being just white on black, I would suggest squashing it about 75% of the original height and then increase the spacing between each letter.