STFU AND PLAY a Monthly Marvel 3 Tourney at Cheeky Cafe

Alright you guys I’ve found a new venue for us to throw tournaments at its

Cheeky Cafe
Cheeky Cafe Seattle

1700 S Jackson St.
Seattle WA 98144

now its a little place so i’m going to only have about a cap about 64 people for the tourney and about 70 or so max inside the restaurant but people can chill outside and view the fights as well and hangout = )

Cheekycafe was kind enough to close the restaurant for a day (last tuesday of the month possibly from 3-9)and cater to us for our tournament but I’m going to need help from everyone.

They have given me a goal to make atleast $800.00 in sales in food and drinks and if i can manage to do that at every tourney then we have our venue this is when you guys come in

I want to see how many people are willing to show up to this and help out by…

Buying Pretty Damn Good Food
Buying Pretty Damn Good Drinks
Bringing set ups if you can! I’m thinking about having 4
Showing up on time!
Show up period!
Spend $ please to show them that we are serious

So for now I think i’m just going to do Marvel just because I believe marvel will run quicker since I’m on a time restraint but if I do SF its going to be Single elem.

also I just want to see how many are willing to show up to this so I can report back to them thanks everyone!

I would be down for this, but I have a feeling the time and date will limit the turnout. Not only is it on a Tuesday but it would start at 3? I guess you could always do the first one and see how it goes though. We should design fliers and put them everywhere to promote these tournaments. I’d be more than willing to help with something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds awesome we need as many MVC3 tourneys as possible.

This I like. Greater Seattle area is great to me. Pretty soon we’ll have tournaments in Tukwila… wait… AE will be at Acme in March. Yes, my wish came true already.

Shout outs to building under construction in Googlemaps.

I may be late if it will be on a Tuesday, but I will for sure be buying drinks/food/supporting this. I’ll bring a setup too even if I am late.

Sounds awesome, if you start the tournies at 3pm or close to it I might be able to attend but I prob. wont be able to stay any later than 7pm on a weekday. Hope this venue works out I have heard good things

Last Tuesday of the month, I probably could just request that time off every now and then.

Only hit like 60% of that target amount at the last tournament with over 50 people.
Haters will be hating, but I can tell you one thing for sure.
Some cheap ass mutha fuckers in this scene.

I won’t point out the irony here.

Lmfao @ will!

I’m sure both my friend and I would be willing to come and scrub it up.

Is this on Tuesdays only?

for now only tuesday - thursday one of those days was offered to me because they make $$ on weekends but im pretty sure if this doesn’t work out i will probably try to da a tourney once a year kind of thing and ask for one of the weekends

tuesday was the day was first said so i just wrote it but the days i was offered is last tuesday - thursday
will try out out for weekends later on

will, are you trying to piss people off on srk by caling them cheap? please realize that we have 30-40% unemployment throught the scene. Also this community wasnt built with big dollars. its was created by cheap fucks like me who went to the arcade with a dollar in my pocket trying to make it last as long as i could.

good luck KK. hope this works out.

thanks King Krab i’m trying to make it work so hopefully it pays off

Frank, you may be Korean but you’re not cheap, stop hatin.
I can understand people being broke, but this isnt about them.
I’m just pointing out that even hoping for $800 is very likely to not happen.
I’ve seen it many times not just at the AFK, even before this shit economy.

Don’t get me wrong, I want the scene to get crazy busy. But we gotta be realistic too.

i want KK’s event to be sucessful, lets move this talk to FB. we dont need to flood this thread.

Word, I will most likely see you at this event.

So is this starting this month, on February 22nd?

I will prob be there. I think $800 is crazy but I think we should be able to put a good size dent in that and I feel like if we can show them that it won’t be as bad. 40 people at 20$ seems to be the goal. That’s one hell of a venue fee but if the food is good I will glady pay it.