Sterling Silver Braclet

Hello SRK,

Looking to sell: [SIZE=6]Actiontec DSL modem [/SIZE]$ 25.00 shipped
(silver stand not included

Uploaded with
Kay Jewlers Sterling Silver Braclet sold to heddtrauma
Custom Madcatz TE fightstick “Round One” modded with SEGA Versus City art by Dev (remixed by me) SOLD TO TUXEDO
BLAZE VGA unit for DREAMCAST (rare) sold to etalage
Misc Parts (Bundle only) (SOLD to bizzazz)
Custom Madcatz TE fightstick “Femme Fatal” modded with SEGA NAOMI art (sold to Trippfan)
Custom White Metal Finkle SOLD to Slaycruz
[FONT=Helvetica] Modded Sega Virtua Stick High Grade SOLD to coolsteel[/FONT]
SEGA Dreamcast HKT-3020 sold to Muffman (refunded)

Shipping in continental US only
All items will be packed with care and sent with delivery confirmation
Any questions, please PM me. Cheers!

you ship to ireland ?

No Sorry

Wow these are some really sick sticks! haha, good luck

Thanks! It has been a lot of fun designing these. Hopefully someone out there is as big of a SEGA fan as I am!?

pm sent

interested in trade or you only looking for cash?

Willing to do a package deal for both the Finkle and VS-HG sticks shipped? I’ll take them if so. Let me know ASAP. I have paypal ready :slight_smile: I might be interested in the parts bundle too. Serious buyer here

Also started a convo with you! Please let me know


Oh man, nice stuff.

I’ll take the parts bundle if it’s still available. Pm’d.


Wow, looks like someone is giving up on fighting games/sticks. Those are some pretty sticks. I’d be interested in the finkle stick but I don’t have any money. I only have a few things on my thread.

I had pm’d u last nite in reference to the finkle stick shortly after u started the thread but haven’t got an answer from u…I mean started a conversation…don’t like this new layout.haven’t figured out how to send a regular pm…but im definitely interested in the finkle…


PM sent! :slight_smile:

I hope we are able to sort out who was first since there are a lot of replies indicatingpm.sent but no response from.jayducky yet ( I really want the finkle , keeps fingers crossed)

Agreed. I think people should post what they Pm’d about to give others an idea of where they are in line and the general availability of items left.

Well I started a conversation at bout 130am showing interest in the finkle stick and that I have the money now but if possible requested to send pmt on Fri…but now I see all this interest I’ll send it ASAP if need be…I want that finkle lol. If someone was before me no biggie I just wanted a fair shot at it.

Good luck to you on the stick. I’m hoping for the parts bundle for a few mods and a custom i’m working on. But someone else also expressed interest before me. Here’s hoping it falls down to me.

Are you in SoCal by any chance?