Stepping into BB

A little late to the party I know, but was just wondering when I get my copy tomorrow, what should I start working on? I’m fairly advanced in KoFXIII and have played AH3 extensively so I know how to play FGs and I’ve touched on BB before.

I’m probably going to be maining Makoto until Bullet comes out in CP. Just wanted to know where should I begin on learning this game so I’ll be ready when CP drops.

Competition may be a little thin on the ground for a while since everyone is currently attacking P4A, but in terms of getting started? Well, obviously run through the tutorial so you know what all the system mechanics are, then do some challenges to at least get a feel for some of the stuff Makoto can do (Mission #7 is a staple combo, or at least, combo part, I believe) - they might not be 100% optimal, but they’ll give you some sort of combo off most hits. (5B, 5B vs crouchers, 6B, throw, air throw, 6A anti air etc, as well as corner varients.).

Then just get out there and play. If you need specific Makoto advice or combos, you should probably hit the Dustloop Wiki and/or the Makoto forums there, because I don’t know if we have any experienced Makoto players lurking here.

Thanks man.

Pick Noel.

You’re welcome.

SOMEONE has a bone to pick.

For some reason you’ve decided to respond to 3 of my comments across 3 different threads about Noel, so I’ll just post my rebuttle across all of them I guess.

Noel has advanced tactics, obviously. Everyone in the game does. What grinds my gears about her is just how obnoxiously accessible she is. I mean, let’s face it. She pretty much has an auto-pilot drive that can auto-punish, auto-anti air, auto-mixup, ect ect. She may get a lot of damage decay but it’s just as easy to reset into another chain of auto-pilot attacks simply by mashing her drive, and **THAT’S **what pisses me off about her. I also believe this is a large amount of the reason as to why she’s not really a good character to pick as someone to use to get into this game.

Even though Ragna is almost just as easy to pick up and mash, he plays a totally different game. His drive isn’t mashable really, and there isn’t really an auto-pilot going on with him. His combos require a normal (albeit fairly easy) amount of input, and he’s just a better character in general to start with if you’re trying to learn the mechanic of the game. Noel just teaches you how to button mash.

And also, yes, I have played Noel. Extensively. It doesn’t change how I feel about her as a character.

I never played before, anything except SF4 competitively since vanilla. I played this game here n there since vanilla and i know and here of the basics of stuff, and know some things about GG but haven’t played that either.
I’m pretty set on playing Jin cause he seems like a well-rounded character, that wont get fucked with in terms of nerfs/buffs. Where does he stand/is he like Ryu/is he crappy?

Jin is lumped into the “unremarkable but competitive” B tier in Extend, I believe. He’s pretty decent, but doesn’t have anything exceptional to push him higher in the the list. On the other hand, neither does he have any significant problems, inadequacies, or bad matchups.

Rumor is that he’s looking strong in CP.

Alright sounds good nuff for me. I Just want to know if he has the ability to realistically win every matchup in a competitive atmosphere.

Everyone’s looking strong in CP

Okay, last Q lol, is it worth getting the current most BB right now? Is it good enough to get experience on for CP version or wasted $30? How much will CP be? I hear it will likely come out in the Summer of 2013 to consoles here, but 360 not announced yet/will be ported later than the PS3.

There is ZERO information about the console release of CP. ZERO. Last we heard, Mori was still writing the STORY.


We don’t know when it’s coming out
We don’t know what consoles it’ll be for (Though simple economics suggests that not having a 360 release would be idiotic.)
We don’t know how much it will cost.

Getting Extend is probably still worth it - as long as you DON’T pay $30 for it. Amazon lists it for $17.


Ah, thanks. I can’t imagine them not making money off it for whole American 360 audience, and disrespectful to the fans who’ve been playing for so long…
I can get it at gamestop for $20.

So about Jin, two things, (please consider the changes in CP/or how he is now)

  1. what are laymen’s terms of pros and cons for jin in basic play
  2. what are they in high level tourny play

note: i watched some videos, and read up on some buffs/nerfs on Dustloop site you guys mentioned.

It seems he’s been listed as a around B tier which was the lowest, below the rest on S and A. Thus, I hear his 5C or 5B or something being nerfed. I played vanilla BB enough to kina get the mechanics, but I don’t understand what/why they would nerf it? Was it justified? Was it a jump-cancelable move which allowed him to get too much mixup potential? When I watched (a handful) of tourney vids from pros posted on Dustloop, it seemed like he was a very basic, strait-forward character, with some solid general tools, and a tiny bit of mixups and tricks here and there. So I guess I’m trying to understand the nature and laymens terms of the nerfs, and also get how well Arksys balances their games.

Pretty much exactly my thoughts.

Hmmm. How basic are we talking here? At a “beginner” level - meaning “can do basic combos and mixups, but nothing too fancy” not “Just kinda mashes buttons and hopes for the best”, I think we have:

Has a pretty decent DP
BNBs are pretty easy, execution wise
Ice car is hard for lots of people to punish due to the A version not being very minus, and it being a little hard to tell if he’s going to do the followup attack of the B version.
Good control of space - good range on most normals, 2D hits at a nice range, very good air normals, also has decent projectiles.
Easy to break primers with. 2D is super good for this.

Mixup isn’t very good - if someone just downbacks at you, you have either try some sort of jump shenanigans or settle for doing minimal damage with his overhead. (Requires rapid cancel or counter hit to combo from, which would be above my basic ‘beginner’ level.)
People being bad at punishing ice car can lead to overusing it and building bad habits.
Sekkajin (mash C) has an annoying habit of coming out when you don’t want it if you’re too mashy.

I’m not an expert at high level Jin play, but:

Yukikaze allows some decent wakeup/reversal options
Good corner damage
Crazy shenigans with crossups and freeze resets.
Normals are still good, still control a lot of space.
6B is a great throw bait.

DPs not actually that good in high level play, the “good DP” takes 25% heat.
Corner carry is strictly average.
His jabs aren’t very good - 5A whiffs on a lot of characters crouching, and 2A has a bad hitbox, relatively.
Doesn’t have a single, go-to strong anti-air. 2C is kinda dubious (Slow, not much invulnerability), and DPs are bad on block.

I don’t know too much about his CP changes, but he’s been drifting towards the top in preliminary tier lists.

Arksys’ balancing decisions can often be hard to understand. (Read: I can’t explain half of the crap they did in Extend) The results, on the other hand, tend to lead towards fairly tightly grouped tiers. I can’t really speak to any nerfs he received in Extend though - I’m not familiar with the character to that level of detail.

Edit: Oh, it’s probably worth looking at his Dustloop Wiki entry, if you haven’t.

Is Arc System Works, ASW, Arcsys

Aksys is the U.S.A publisher

As for the nerfs, think about them as a way to encourage an specific gameplay, the changes that they do usually are meant to make the character be played on an specific way.
Also, don’t see them on a vacuum, since even when the character could be seem nerfed, they still make other changes that usually compensate for what they take out, it you look at the character you can notice that they try to give them areas where they excel and other where they are average or are weakness.
Of course there are instances that it doesn’t always work as intended, so the character end or too powerful or too weak, but as far as the game has developed BB as a series has becoming more balanced with each iteration.

As for the game don’t having a 360 release announcement yet, it more than probable that it would be only on japan, since the sales of BB for the 360 have been subpar there, if it is the case, it wouldn’t be the 1st game that is PS3 exclusive on japan while being multi platform worldwide.

So I’m getting really amped up for CP (I hope it comes out for 360 but I suppose I can get it on PS3 if it stays exclusive)
but I’ve NEVER played Blaz before…So I’m going to be getting CSE for 360
After watching several combo videos to see what character I want to try out - I’m digging Makoto and Litchi
Anyone here use either of them that can share some input on their strenghts, weaknesses, bad matchups etc.,?
I’m searching for some high level players that use them as well.

Hopefully I can get into this game, because I’m pretty bored with SFxTk, tried going back to SSF4 after playing that series since SF4s release.
And after playing it a bit; I’m just not feeling the game - just flat boring for me anymore.
I love DOA5, but I suck at 3d fighters in general.
I need a new 2D fighter - And NOT Marvel related, LOL!

You’ll really want to step over to Dustloop for character specific stuff, but I can give you a short rundown - Makoto is regarded as somewhat low tier. Her damage is perfectly solid, though her execution is a little more trying than many characters thanks to the extra level of timing on her drive attacks, but she lacks good approach tools and her mixup is a little bit gimmicky (though 6B is still strong.) It’s entirely possible to win with her, but she’ll struggle a little with characters who have better spacing tools than she does - either because they just have better footsies tools (like Ragna and Litchi) or because they have zoning tools like Rachel and Lambda.

Litchi is “mid tier” in Extend, and honestly, I don’t really think she has any especially bad matchups - her staff tricks allow her to negate a lot of zoning tools from other characters, and her normals have excellent range. Her mixup is also pretty strong (6A staffless is quick and dangerous, and 4D with staff is brutal as well, as is her j.2D with staff) and her oki is ridiculous - though at least she no longer gets it “for free” off a combo from itself. She is, however, a very complicated character and one that I think is difficult to take to her full potential.

I’m new to the game myself and I’ve been playing Makoto exclusively. Airk pretty much nailed it. Overall her execution is not that hard in 2+ bars, but anything below that makes it impossible to play her.
If I’d have to make a comparison with a SF4 character I’d say Fei Long/Ryu. She’s really straight forward and relies heavily on solid fundamentals.
Here’s a great guide that got me started with her.
Another useful guide for SF4 players.

I wanted to link a high level Makto playlist but sadly Jourdals channel died recently.
Maybe if you’re lucky you can still find Goro’s Makoto on youtube. If you play Makoto, Goro is your god.
He did drop her in CP though, but we have a new god in Matsu.
Use the timestamps to find his matches.

EDIT: Also if you plan on getting Extend, buy some lube. You will get absolutely violated online.
But if you stick with it, the game is an absolute joy to play.

Thanks a lot guys!
really appreciate the info
if you would have to make a comparison is there a ‘Chun Li/Juri’ of Blaz?
That usually ends up being the type of character I’m drawn to most
and when I saw Litchi I honestly thought of a mix of Juri and Chun with her moveset

No worries about getting blown up online either, LOL
I’ve been down that road with any game I start to play. SF4 was a nightmare and once I stopped playing it and picked up SSF4 a few months after it was released the nighmare started over.
I didn’t have that feeling with SFxTk because I bought it at launch, but I’ve grown tired of it and I’m not looking forward to the ‘New’ version

So yep I’ll get blown up - tis expected! haha. As long as I have fun and get into the game.
I’ll get better and eventually be able to hold my own fairly well and then eventually plateau, lol.

It’s hard to make comparisons with SF characters since everyone in Blazblue is so unique and the game is alot more offensive than SF. And both Juri and Chun li are more zoning characters (I think lol). I think it would be easier if you list criteria on what you want in a character.

Easiest is still picking the game up and trying them out. When I was looking at the game I thought Hazama would be perfect for me. But after trying him, I quickly realized he’s not the type of character that will EVER work in my hands.