Steam controller, revolutioning the way u play video games

anyone has plans on buying it? or u guys think is nothing impressive? no need of kb plus mouse n no more carpal tunnel:

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In computing and especially in computer hardware, controller is a chip, an expansion card, or a stand-alone device that interfaces with a peripheral device. This may be a link between two parts of a computer (for example a memory controller that manages access to memory for the computer) or a controller on an external device that manages the operation of (and connection with) that device.
The term is sometimes used in the opposite sense to refer to a device by which the user controls the operation of the computer, as in game controller. In desktop computers the controller may be a plug in board, a single integrated circuit on the motherboard, or an external device. In mainframes the controller is usually either a separate device attached to a channel or integrated into the peripheral.

Worthless video. Didn’t show anyone actually using it.


It looks interesting. I haven’t seen a price on it but it would definitely be something I would consider getting. Be nice sitting on my couch whilst playing PC games.

OP. The word you’re looking for is “revolutionizing”. Revolutioning isn’t a word.

From the title of the thread, I thought it was another Affinity thread.

Still very skeptic about it. I still favor buttons or keys over touchpads when it comes to gaming. Its more of a visual and feel aspect.

How viable is this thing for fighting games?


I think that current pads are great and this thing definitely won’t supplant them as my main controller but I think that it can add to games. Its nice to see something different, I guess. Its just going to be another option for people who want options.

I’m optimistic about the controller. I want it to play console shooters.

That looks AWESOME, I will probably buy just to see how good it works.

I forgot to say this in the dedicated Steam/GOG/PC Games thread:

You know if it actually works well enough, and because Steam has KOF13 on it, you know someone will become proficient in that game using only this, thing!

4 buttons.

However, I just find it nearly impossible considering there’s no way to do the classic: DRULYB code on it. Muscle memory is all out the window on this one now. :sad:

the d pad will be godlike if it handles anything like the d pad from the snes.
doing gief spds was easy as hell on that thing. it should be just as easy on this steam d pad. but the button replacing pad on the right side has me doubting.

I just hope it is customizable and some makes a Saturn d-pad attachment. Seriously what is so hard about replicating a design from the mid 90’s?

prob because the saturn dpad is patented? ((talking out of my ass but it could explain.))

considering every company emulates the best of the competition I’m surprised as well. xbox tried to be more innovative with their ‘black and white’ buttons instead of bumpers but realized people wanted bumpers so bumpers it was.

I don’t know why that controller looks like it’ll feel weird as hell to play with, I personally loathe the way phone games are played (Except Infinity Blade, only game I liked ever.) because I’m just not a fan of not having something to touch to confirm my interactions. they do have to try, so I wish they come out well.

I want to see them use that controller for a fighter or character action game.