Static's Closet: BlazBlue CT CE's & Vanilla SF4 stuff; TvC stick & Epic Mickey

Halloooo! I will be using this thread to get rid of some stuff i have accumulated over the years, mainly some crap acquired working at Gamestop. Paypal only, shipping NOT included in the prices of the items.

BlazBlue: CT Limited Editions, SEALED 360 ($40) and PS3 ($60).

Vanilla SF4 Strategy Guide and 360 console skin w/ faceplate: $12 for both, obo

Disney’s EPIC MICKEY for the Nintendo Wii. Mint condition, only played 2-3 times. Its actually the Collector’s Edition, minus the Mickey figurine. Game disc, bonus disc (never been played) and console/Wii-mote skins. $50.

Prices dropped :coffee:

added PS3 MvC sick panel.

Ninja Edit: Sold MvC panel

Tim, PM me if you see anything you’d like to trade for on my WTS thread for your MvC (I’m assuming 2 not 3?) TE panel, thx:

actually sold it locally already. Sorry! :sad:

It’s ok.

Added TvC stick.

Do we have to take the strategy guide too? Can I get the skin/faceplate separate from the strategy guide at a pro rated price?

Sure, i was gonna sell them seperate, $10 for the skin/faceplate and $2 for the guide. lemme know

added Epic Mickey

When I saw your new WTS title including Epic Mickey I got all excited…until I saw it was the collector’s edition. I’m actually looking for it (game-only) now since I just ordered the Epic Mickey paintbrush nunchuk yesterday. Well, holla at me if you decide to lower the price & GLWS!

price drop

sold the TvC stick