State College/Penn State thread, pancakes teatime and old men


While this forum is the damn doldrums, I am seeing if there is any new blood in Happy Valley (yes I just died a little typing that) we have a solid couple of oldheads in the area still and I feel like it is time to inject some new folks every now and then. This area has always had a revolving door of sf players as students come and go, so it would be nice to see who out here now.

Almost any game can get run, from kusoge animu to st to actual new games, so if any of ya are around it would probably be nice to get some hub shit going on at least.

Where do people even play? At the school? Store? Random Stranger’s house? Walmart on North Atherton?

hahaha that is a very good question, used to be oldman scott’s place was the easiest, and admittedly he still has a cab, but I remember in the old days we would recruit kids at the hub when running on the projectors

I’ve been trying to find any Central PA scene but having not much luck.