Startup frames for jumping in sf4/ssf4?

I dont know if it depends on the character, but I would like to know how many frames it takes for a character to jump either backwards, forward, or just neutral up. For example, Ryu, Chunli, or Boxer do a level 2 FA on me, I block it, then immediately I hold up on the joystick so I will avoid their crouching attacks after FADC. It never works and I always end eating the attacks, so how many frames does it take? 2,3, dunno ?

it is four for everyone

dont jump to avoid a 3 frame jab/dp or a 3 frame throw :wink: . Scroll down to jump frame data. It generally takes 4 frames until you’re airborne.

Wrong, if you jump you are throw immune on the first frame. Otherwise Zangiefs Ultra would be unavoidable on wake-up. However, you cannot jump out of meaty attacks. Holding up while waking up is the WORST thing you can possibly do in most cases.

You should be able to jump out of all grabs by just holding up on wakeup, never knew zangief’s bypassed this, must training it!

If you block a Lvl2 FA you will most likely be at a frame disadvantage against most characters, so you need to take that into consideration. If you opponent has a 7 frame startup sweep but is at +7 after a FA lvl2 (I thinkl that’s the case for eg Chun-Li) you will never be able to jump out of the sweep.

Except for Sim it’s 3 and Gief it’s 6 :wink:

Zangief doesn’t bypass this. Pre-jump frames (jump startup) are absolutely throw-immune.

Oh misread what he said about Zangief’s Ultra, nevermind.