Starting off with Iron Man

I looked in the combo thread and I’m having flashbacks from Pre-Calc, especially the Krispy Kreme combo. How effective is Tony when you’re going for assist OTG combos, still worth it?

What should I begin with?

If you’re going to play Iron Man, learning the Krispy Kreme or optimized Krispy Kreme is a must. I suggest you start on mastering that. As for OTG assists. Depending on whether you are using Smart Bombs and then an extension or the assist OTG’s itself you can usually get 1 or 2 Repulsor Blasts in before Smart Bombs xx Proton Cannon. This definitely can get you 750-800k easily. As for it being worth, it depends on your team composition and what position you play Iron Man at.

The most important thing about Iron man IMO that nobody talks about is flight, I play point Iron man atm and he is a beast once you learn to fly-unfly or cancel normal to flight, bunny hop Hs, and float i.e to avoid stuff like begin fight screen against character like Hulk etc.

I’m trying to learn Tony on point also. Is there a thread or a post that describes floating? Can you elaborate more on this concept please? I would love to stop getting blown up at the beginning of the matches… lol.

It’s all about timing just when the screen goes fight jump and double tap up cancel into flight or go for grab at the beginning plink back dash or cancel to repulsar light or into proton cannon - or be jumping away or over the opponent air dash diagonally up cancel into flight remember you can always come down with Jd-H x S which will flight cancel. One of the ways i catch my opponent is by zoning then on the ground when full screen wait for them to super jump and then super jump combo or air dash down Jd-h into SH which can combo but i put them in block stun then flight cancel in Jm, Jd-H x S or Jd-h in S for an overhead and from there you can Krispy Kreme. Remember coming down with Jd-h and combing sh option select throw and tony corner combo can net you over 800 depend on assist and DHC.