Starting from Square One


My wife bought me UMvC3 for Xmas this year as she knows I like FG’s. I’m not new to FG’s, but I’ve never owned or played a versus game before this one, and I’m not really sure where exactly to start.

I’ve been doing lots of the Trials for the characters (have done over 240 of them now according to the last achievement that popped) but when it comes to building a team and actually playing the game properly I’m really at a loss.

I find myself playing it a lot like a SF game, and am not really used to assists / multiple character combo’s, etc.

What I’m looking for is some real advice on what the best way to put a team together is, and if any tutorials / videos exist that really outline the game from the ground up. When I started playing SFIV the Vesper Arcade tutorial videos were a great help to get me up and running with that game (prior to SFIV the last FG’s I’d really played were SFII & MKII when arcades still existed in Northern Ontario).

So far the characters I like are Arthur, Hulk, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Ryu, Akuma and Amerteratsu(SP?) but when it comes to figuring out a team with assist, I’m at a loss (I know about the character specific sub-forums, I’m really just looking for more general advice here).

Should I basically just pick one or two of them, learn som BnB’s and try to get a feel for the flow of the game and then build an established team later?



Thanks for the video!

How relevant is the information in the light of the release of UMvC?

Most of the info is still good albeit some character specific stuff may have changed from MvC3 to UMvC3. The tactics more ore less are the same.