Starting a sacramento offline scene. Bay area folks welcome as well as central valley

So last weekend I held an offline tournament and while we had a few flakes it was still a decent turnout and iit was a ton of fun.Ive been talking with s1lent and a few others who attended and we all seem to agree that this needs to happen on a regular/more organized basis so Im making this thread for a few reasons.To see the level of interest by members who are willing to attend. And to exchange ideas as to how we can improve to make it best as possible and to help it grow.

What I would like to do is weekly casuals with like a monthly tournament maybe a 2-3$ buy in to make it exciting do like a 70/20/10 payout or something.

So far weve been doing this at my house off hwy50 and Sunrise blvd in Sacramento. My house can comfortably host around 20-30 people utilizing both of my living rooms and garage.It would be a mix of ps3’s and xboxes to try an accomodate all players.I have a dual pdp fightstick setup for the 360 that the sticks and buttons have been upgraded.I plan on dual modding it so it will also work on ps3 as well.

Im gonna talk to a friend who rents out an office space for his band to use as a practice place.Its close to my house, empty, and would easily support 60+ players if it we ever get to that amount of interested players.All in the same center is a mini mart/liquor store, and a weinerschnitzel so food drinks and snacks etc are within walking distance.

Right now we have around 12-16 commited players of various skill levels.Im gonna make two lists one for interested people and one for people who are down to come to all the events(unless you have prior engagements.which is understandable) and people who will come to some.

All the time players.

Ein Schlitzer
random popcan

Sometimes players.

fadi a2la
hit box bs
psycho paff
drowden +1

I will be moving names around as they move back and forth between the lists.Im gonna post this on a few other forums too.

Reserved for future use.


Just poppin’ in to say goodluck with your scene. ^.^

NCR is 2 weekends away.Im down to host a gtgs for casuals this Saturday June 4 and Saturday June 11 from 3pm till whenever.This would be a good time to meet up and play with each other before the tourney.

Im gonna recommend pizza as the food for the evening besides the snacks that will be provided.I ask everyone who would want to eat some pizza to bring a few bucks to throw in on it.I have 4 tvs available 2 play on, 2hd and 2sd.I already have 2 xbox’s here and Ill have 1 ps3, maybe if silent comes he can bring his again that way well have 2 of each system.If we need more system/tvs you guys are welcome to bring them, I have room to setup maybe like 2 more.

Just pm me or respond here and ill make notations next to your name in the op stating which days you can come.

Tomorrow well be having some casuals I gotta start it at 5 this time though.

This forum isnt really the place for this. Have you tried these links?

You should post this in this thread. Wish I knew people played this game in Sac. I would be a definite sometimes.

I just got MK and would like to play. I live in East Sac

H20 I talked to you not too long ago on MKU. Im glad to see people on Shoryu are playing MK too. If anyone wants to get some casuals let me know. I live close to Sac state. Just HMU!

I also live close to Sac state, I would like to play

Coo bro, do you play on ps3 or xbox? Ill pm you my number… Text me!

Anyone down for some casuals today or friday? Im tryna put some work in before saturday. We can get it in at my place… Lemmie know wassup