Start+Select as MODE

Hello everyone, im building my first arcade, ordered a sanwa kit with a zero delay pcb (JLF-TP-8YT) and i already have a arcade box to put the parts in, is it possible to wire start+select to work as MODE on the ps4(in order to play sfv or other games that need it)? Thing is im lacking another hole in the box to put in a MODE button. Thanks in advance

If I’m not mistaken, you’ll have to build a circuit with some logic gates to get it done. And this is assuming that your Zero Delay PCB already has a “Home” terminal.

While it’s easy to think that just wiring both Start and Select to Home would do the trick, you have to ensure that when you press both Start+Select together that both standard Start and Select signals are NOT triggered.

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Thank you!! i will have to look on the circuit and how to do it, but is definitely nice to have an option to improve my setup :slight_smile:

You would need some logic ICs for the buttons to work properly. It might be kinda buggy if you don’t press start+select and the exact same time

You know, something like this would rock as an aftermarket part

It wouldn’t be very practical as an add-on thing. Something like this could easily be added to a controller pcb tho

Short answer: Yes

Long answer:

There are more than a few ways to a achieve the same result. If you understand some basic electronics and can use a digital multi meter (or equivalent) then this should be a simple and cheap solution. I’ll list out the basic parts required below and you can work with the srk community if you need help.

Purchase the following from mouser or digikey (sadly, radio shack is long gone)

  • SN74LS32N TI (quantity = 1)
  • 1K 1/4 watt resistor (quantity = 1)
  • 1N4148 Vishay high speed switching diode (quantity = 1)
  • Optional decoupling cap for the IC and delay caps for the start + select lines if you want to cleanup the circuit.

Build the image below and make sure not to short any unused pins on the IC.


Assemble and use at your own risk. I have never seen the zero delay board in person so this circuit has not been tested with one. However, there is nothing here that would damage a controller such as the mc te2 or brook if assembled properly.

Happy modding!

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Thanks a lot for the help, i have some nice options to consider now, i’m about to receive the Kit i ordered, will sort this out and post updates when i have it :slight_smile:

While adding this circuit would get ST+SL=Mode, it doesn’t disable Start and Select from activating their own signals when pressed.

To keep in mind for anyone wanting to add that circuit to their setups: you’d need additional logic to prevent Start and Select from activating their own functions if pressed together.
As it stands, if all you’re doing is adding the circuit and piggybacking on the existing Start and Select lines, pressing those two buttons would get you ST+SL+MODE all at once when you press Start and Select.

Like I said, you will need to provide your own IC and delay caps for the start + select lines. There are to many unknown variables such as controller signal voltage, drive current, desired delays, etc to calculate a one size fits all solution. It is possible to do everything with old school analog except the 74LS32 but event hat you could build up out of discrete components (not worth it).


Did you finish your stick? If you’re still tinkering and can solder shoot me a pm with your contact info. I have something sitting here on my desk that might just be the solution you were looking for.

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