Stargate 10/19-10/20 Full Results and Recap


CvS2(57 People Total)
1st John “Choiboy” Choi(CA)
2nd David “AsianHitler” Hem(Houston)
3rd Mike Zavar(Houston)
4th Hsien Chang(Austin)
5th Brian “Ryuwinz” Tyson(Houston)
5th Alex Navarro(Houston)
7th Skye Thompsen(Dallas)
7th John “Genius” Bunn(Houston)
9th Tuan “vigorous” Phan(Houston)
9th Eddie Williams(Austin)
9th Ryan “fubarduck” Harvey(Austin)
9th Martin Phan(Houston)
13th Ricky Kimball (N.O.)
13th Ashley Hernandez(Houston)
13th Khang Le(Houston)
13th Ben Hinojosa(Houston)

Highlights: As mentioned before, John Choi came down from Cali to pay Stargate a visit and give the Regional some added excitement. He was knocked into the losers bracket early by Alex Navarro. But Choi came back, recovering from an extremely close match with Ryan Harvey, to win the tournament over David Hem (3-0, 3-2)

ST(25 People Total)
1st Jesse "Jumpsuit Jesse"Cardenas
2nd Hsien Chang
3rd John “Choiboy” Choi
4th Gavin “Darkumas” Anthony
5th Chris “cmutt” Wong
5th Joe “jeaux” Congdon
7th Alex Navarro
7th Phillip Salazar
9th Chris “CrowinHTown” Villarreal
9th Dan “ShadowJin” Le
9th Brian “Ryuwinz” Tyson
9th Mike Zavar

Highlights: Jesse breaks through beating multiple OG Sagats along the way, beating Choi, Hsien, et all.

3rd Strike(31 people total)
1st Hsien Chang(Austin)
2nd John “Choiboy” Choi(CA)
3rd Eddie Williams(Killeen)
4th Mark “Mopreme” Rogoyski(Austin)
5th Harvey “lled78” Chang(Houston)
5th Simon “Yooyung” Yoo(NE)
7th Ryan “fubarduck” Harvey(Austin)
7th Jamaar “Jamarvelous” Lewis(NE)
9th Khang Le(Houston)
9th John “DarthSalamander” Minco(Dallas)
9th Javi Moreno(Houston)
9th Duane “Marvelous One” McCorkle(LA)
13th David “AsianHitler” Hem(Houston)
13th Chris “CrowinHTown” Villarreal(Houston)
13th Larry “NormalGuy” Lin(Austin)
13th Gavin “Darkumas” Anthony(LA)
17th Joe “jeaux” Congdon(Houston)
17th JW McNay(Dallas)
17th Mike “KrAzYsTeP” Ochoa(Corpus)
17th Cory Sullivan(San Antonio)
17th Ricky “Orochi Kyosuke” Kimball(LA)
17th Brian “Ryuwinz” Tyson(Houston)
17th Ryan Davis(CO)
17th Chris “Ranma0005” Chou(Houston)
25th Jeffrey Hill(Killeen)
25th Kevin “Override” Eaton(Lake Jackson)
25th Joe Hom(NE)
25th Jose B(Houston)
25th Andrew “Andjita” Roznovsky(Lake Jackson)
25th William “ninked” Stoerner(Lake Jackson)
25th Tremaine Thomas(NE)

Alpha 3(21 people)
1st John Choi
2nd Alex Navarro
3rd Hsien Chang
4th Harvey Chang
5th Dan Le
5th Brian Tyson
7th Jef Perlman
7th Javi Moreno
9th Gavin Anthony
9th David Hem
9th Khang Le
9th Martin Phan
13th William Stoerner
13th Duane McCorkle
13th Mike Ochoa
13th Freddy Cino
17th Gus Guerrero
17th Sergio
17th Chris Villarreal
17th Jeffrey Hill
17th Jan-Michael Del Rio

MvC2(37 people)
1st David Hem
2nd Daniel Nguyen
3rd Carlos Jimenez
4th Roy
5th Chris Creecy
5th Rashaan Dusausu
7th Venie Guien
7th Ivan Rivas
9th Larry Lin
9th Sungjin Park
9th Daniel Gonzales
9th Ricky Kimball
13th Daniel Solis
13th Patrick Henry
13th John Pertgen
13th Duane McCorkle

Soul Calibur 2(13 people)
1st Chris “CrowinHTown” Villarreal (Houston)
2nd David “AsianHitler” Hem (Houston)
3rd Dane Caro (BR, LA)
4th Ken Black (Houston)
5th Teddy “tical” Reyes (Houston)
5th Mike F (BR, LA)
7th Christian “Calibur” Ulah (Houston)
7th Sean M (NO, LA)
9th Dang “shadow” Nguyen (Houston)
9th Chris Martin (Houston)
9th Doug Holloway (Lake Jackson)
9th Darren Y (Houston)
13th Drew “Pikadrew” B (Houston)

Final Thoughts: I felt the tournaments ran pretty well, even CvS2 and it’s marathon we held on Saturday. I would like to thank John Choi for coming out to our event and I hope you had fun and have a safe flight back to Cali. There were lots of good matches going on in every tournament. GG’s to Hsien, Harvey and Gabe in CvS2. :smiley:

Best moments in the tournies for me were:

  1. Kevin Turner taking game one against John Choi
  2. David Hem making it to the finals of almost every game he played after not touching any of them for about a month
  3. Seeing old familiar faces, Skye, Logan, Adam, Mike, Gabe, Freddy, Tony, Mark, Ryan, Larry, Sungjin, John Minco, JW. Glad ya’ll could make it.
  4. Watching Jumpsuit Jesse breakthrough with Fei-Long in ST.
  5. Me and Gabe in the shortest matches in CvS2 History.
  6. Multiple R4 K-groove Haohmaru standing fierces.
  7. Harvey reppin the H-town skillz in 3rd Strike
  8. Nebraska and Colorado peeps coming down for 3rd Strike, thanks for coming down, hope ya’ll had fun and have a safe trip back.
  9. Goin K-groove at Nelson’s place
  10. Gettin hella no sleep
  11. Helluva lot of tight matches in MvC2
  12. Staying strong with Megaman in the tourney.
  13. Playing MST against Daniel
  14. Playing my original tournament team Megaman/Sent/Blackheart to end my tournament days.
  15. More things change, more they stay the same, first MvC2 tournament I placed 17th. My last one here, 17th, go fig :wtf:
  16. Watchin H-town represent in everything.
  17. Winning the MST vs MSP challenge with Creecy :smiley:

I guess for now I’m hanging up my marking pen, no more trying to figure out where the hell to put out of towners on the bracket, or finding new ways to screw people over :wtf: I hate the thought of not having to plan and organize tournies, but I also love the saying “Never say never.” Perhaps I might help out Javi with another Texas Showdown. Only time will tell, I’d to take this time to thank everybody for showing up for the Regionals.

I apologize to the Tekken 4 players that showed up, there just wasn’t enough people to warrant a tournament. I hope everybody had a good time, good competition, and excitement all over the place. Special thanks to Javi, Cmutt, and all my little bracket and megaphone whores that helped me out(j/k) Thanks guys, I feel like I’m going out on a high note, and that feels good. Makes me almost not want to leave it. Only time will tell, catch ya’ll later!

Chris Chou

MvC2 Teams:

  1. David (asianhitler): Storm/Sent/Cyc, Mag/Sent/Psy, Cable/Sent/Cyc
  2. Daniel (power-dn): MSP, Cable/Storm/Cyc or Cap
  3. Carlos (Stiggz): Cable/Doom/Cap
  4. Roy: Storm/Sent/Cammy (mostly)
  5. ORG: Spiral/Sent/Cable (mostly)
  6. Chris (Magneto-X): MSP

Great tourney…best match goes to me vs Chris (Ranma0005)
Chris played MST (MegaMan/Servbot/Tron) first round vs my Cable/Storm/Cyc…he almosts beats me! WTF!
Notes: Loudest match of the tourney. Everytime I get hit, loud cheers…everytime I hit Chris, loud boo’s :frowning:
Me - 1 Chris - 0
Second round: Chris uses his OG team - MegaMan/Sent/BH and beats me…
Me - 1 Chris - 1
Third round: I cheat and use Sent to win…I get boo’ed again :frowning:
Fun match…happy that I was Chris’s last opponent before he semi-retired.

Thanks to all of the LA crew for coming down again…good seeing you guys. Until next time…Lates :cool:

congrats to david, daniel and carlos for taking the top three spots. i think this is the first time houston has taken the top three spots at a regional.

sorry i couldnt make this one, so how close were the finals?

Congrats to all the people who Got top 3 places and esp to Eddie Williams for taking 3rd at 3s :slight_smile: you deserve it man Hugo for life.

M.S.T is too damn powerful.

GGs to all i hadta face in the tourney…

I sent my boy Roy from LA to the losers bracket in the 2nd round but the champ had it in him to fight and claw his way back to 4th fukin place…good job man…close matches with rashaan for good games…

3s Characters

  1. Hsien Chang: Akuma
  2. John Choi: Ken
  3. Eddie Williams: Hugo, Ken
  4. Mark Rogoyski: Yun, Ken, Chun Li
  5. Harvey Chang: Urien
  6. Simon Yoo: Akuma
  7. Ryan Harvey: Urien, Necro
  8. Jamaar Lewis: Necro

It was nice to meet the LA and NE people and everyone else. It was a fun weekend. I’m disappointed at my loss to Choi, but he’s an overall great SF player and a nice guy too so it’s ok! =) I think I missed my Chun Li roundhouse link on Eddie like 5 times, oh well. Eddie played really well, he only lost to Hsien in the winners, went on to eliminate me, then lost to Hsien again. It was fun hanging out with Choi afterwards, he should come to Texas more often.

:sweat: WHEW!!! :sweat: :sweat:

nice to meet the na guys, good games to who ever i played.

Nice to meet Choi too. I never got a chance to play u…

this was a good tourney, and i want to say wutup to all the peeps i met in houston. im still kinda bitter that i fucked up against choi in 3s but o well, ill get him next time. it was a fun time and i hope you guys can make it to N cubed so you guys can play all of team NE.


super high

Sounds like it was fun. I erally do wish i could have gone, but alas school wins out over SF by a small margin :frowning: I’ll be there at showdown though to show off my l337 jump-in combos in CvS2 :lol: heh lates!

Good games to everyone!
I think we had a real good tournout.
K groove Rules!!!

Does anyone recall who sent Jamarr to the losers and then who eliminated him in the losers?

Im surprised Ricky Kimball placed so low, considering he got 7th in MWC. Who took him out?

Sounds like a lot of people got a taste of the raging demon curtesy of Simon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see you Texas 3s’ers pay us a visit in November at N-Cubed next month. And Choi!

nice job choiboy:) .

Yeah wasup with that Ricky?

Mark wasn’t using Ryu?! :eek: :wtf:

Good job on 3rd place Eddie!

No Dudley in the top rankings :frowning:

Harvey eliminated Jamar and iam not sure who sent him to losers…