Standing M wierdness

OK, so I was playing some UMVC3 with my friend the other day, and in one of the matches I did Arthur’s standing medium and he did Akuma’s demon flip dive kick, our attacks hit at the same time but Arthur did not falter, heck it looked as though he took no damage what so ever.

So I went to training mode to test it out, spamming CPU Hulks stand H, it turns out when Arthur i about to swing his standing M, he is semi protected by the shield, for maybe two frames? I am not sure exactly, seeing as I know nothing about frame data, but since it also counts as a hit you can chain it into H and so on.

Has anyone else found this, and if so what uses do you think could be used with this? i think to some degree you could throw it out right before you use Arthur’s shield. (Shoryuken L)

Arthur’s s.M has autoguard during active frames.

^ This. You can use it to block a ton of stuff, but its pretty hard to time and sorta risky.

Yeah, it auto guards (possibly the only instance of auto guarding in the game). Sadly, it has a horrible hitbox, only auto guards for 3 frames after its 12 frame start-up, and does not OS into anything. If it remedied all of those problems, it would be one of the best normals in the game, so I can see why Capcom made it so awful.

I did use it to pimp slap a Phoenix player. when i saw her disappear I hit standing M and it when right thru her feather and KO’d her