Standing 720

anyone able to do standing/walkup 720’s. i have no clue as to how to try it other then SPIN VERY VERY QUICK the joystick :rofl:

shortshortsuper made a pretty comprehensive thread about it which is how i learned to do it. you should look it up.
but ill give a really quick breakdown cuz i was practicing for like 2 hours today trying to get it to go every time. you don’t get that many chance at it in a heated match, poor hugo :frowning:

it only takes a 540. do a regular 360 first. notice you only have to do a 270 to get it to come out. so start inching it up and see if you can still get the moonsault out with an actual 360. keep inching it up and notice you are hitting about the 540 area youll start getting jumping heavy punch. there is a sliver in between where gigas will activate. you make that sliver bigger the faster you go.
basically just spin 540s and if you get moonsault drum the buttons later, if you get jump hit them sooner. its more about hitting the buttons in the exact right place. but make no mistake it does have to be very fast.

i was told that the secret was to “buffer” a 180 from towards to backwards very slowly on the ground (this should result in a slight step forward, then a crouch to a step back) then do the remaining motion (now 360) REALLY fast.

I can’t do it though.

makes the 720 quite obvious doesn’t it?

or really dirty. walk up down parry walk forward… gigas!

its too hard to do it that way (the slow buffered 180)
i’ve been experimenting with all sorts of ways to get it to go and just trying to get one fast spin is the best. use your wrist/arm to whip it around and it helps to always start it from your strongest side. for example i always start it from the right because i can’t spin the stick that fast from the left. it doesn’t matter b/c its a 540 either way. learning to tachi on your weak side i think would be almost impossible and not needed.

also i don’t quite think that if hugo crouched and stepped backwards he was going to gigas me. but it’s too hard to go from slow to the required speed anyway. just try the inching up method, youll get it.

Well friend of mine used to do it exactly that way (he tried after knockdown every now and then). It worked exactly once. It might be good for a mixup or sth but when that is the way you doing the 720 some player will notice it.

on wakeup its better to just hit a and do/buffer a gigas off of that. its better because if you screw up the timing and they low parry you, your gigas is free. its also easier than the tachi.

here is a recording of a WALKING GIGAS:

you need nfba to play it ,its an .fr file , for those who don’t know just open up nfba and then go to Game>Replay Input and the pick the file you want to replay

Notes: I was able to pull this in the first 3 rounds on the 4th I missed it the whole time so…yeah if you want to see the standing then watch the first three rounds
Most of the time I was going to the ultra throw, clap and back breaker combo because it builds the bar fast

so anyways this is how its done: as ppl have previously said yeah DO have to do a 540 motion for it to come out no need to do a full 720 even though its possible you shouldn’t even bother to try it that way. So yeah just do a full 540 motion and the any punch button.Personally I don’t do any drumming on the buttons i just do single button press.Funny thing is I JUST got able to do this after reading THIS thread :rofl: which was like one hour ago

oh no… not this topic again.:shake:

standing is over rated. I cant hit standing 360s to a good player…so id never get a standing 720

its hard to land but if you can’t get standing 360s on good people you aren’t mixing it up with pressure enough or doing them at appropriate times. dash = free 360/720 if your quick
few things about standing gigas that i think make it worth practicing:

1: every other gigas is easy as pie afterwards b/c your so used to spinning the stick so fast.
2: how else can you nail someone after a parried shoryu with a gigas, its really really hard and even more inconsistent than tachi to try to buffer it and not hit them them with the move your buffering with.
3: if you fuck it up you get defensive jump or a heavy moonsault, neither is too bad when in position to tachi
4. why not learn it? its not like practicing it does anything negative, just makes you more gigas confident on the buffers if anything.

i don’t get the ‘oh no’, the more people learning new shit the better!

I know the dash. But when you truly play a good person who knows how to play hugo. You see why hes low tier


stand 360 is easy as pie. but landing one is no small feat.

exactly, hugo has few openings for a stand 360 so they need to be exploited to the fullest. the tachi is totally doable, and much much more consistent with practice then something like the true kara demon. i don’t see any reason not to learn the tachi, other than arm strain when you are trying to get the speed up initially…

oh one more question, i’ve seen hugo players use d.lp to bait a parry then SAI rite after and it connects, would using work also? nvr tried and since i frequently jab more then d.lp it would be awesome if it connects.

cancelling c.LK or c.LP or s.LK into 360/720 usually works if it’s parried. unless they parry and uppercut or parry and jump. It’s pretty simple really, just buffer a 360. Even more potent on wakeup. whiffed move into 360/720 or ticked move into 360/720 or parried move into 360/720. Just be careful to bait reversals.

Argh, sorry to bump this thread, but I have yet to get a single Tachi Gigas.

I was lookin at one of the old threads and 720 said how he personally does a small circle for the first 360, then does a fast 180 for Tachi. I’m on a sanwa stick just to be clear.

So how exactly should I be moving the stick on my sanwa? I don’t necessarily need to hit the edges if I understand it right.

It’s frustrating cause I can buffer and partition Gigas, but just not get the infamous Tachi.

I must ask… why is it nicknamed “Tachi”?

Yeah, I figured out one of the tricks to Tachi. I can get maybe 1 outta every 3 tries? When I don’t get it though, about 90% of the time, I end up getting a 360 slam anyways, so I guess at the very least, I’ll get that if I don’t get Tachi.

A very good Canadian Hugo player helped me with Tachi out as well a few days ago. Tachi feels so good when you do it. Haha.