Standby light for PS3 does not work after playing SSF4 for 2 hours :(

what’s up all? i bought ssf4 for both xbox 360 and ps3 yesterday, but…

problem is, after playing ssf4 for 2 hours on ps3, the standby light doesn’t work anymore after resting the ps3 for a while and then turning it on again. Ps3 still works though, as in i can connect on the internet and still can play SSF4 with it. But does anyone have experience with standby light not working anymore for their Ps3? please give me advices. thanks.

It basically means instead of your PS3 being in standby mode it’s actually shutting off

There’s some info here about it.

and Here

hi and thanks for the reply. i read through those threads. i think i’m certain that standby mode works, but it’s just not showing the red light. i don’t know if it’s just the led or the actual standby mode does not work anymore. funny, it happened just when i got SSF4 lol.