Standard tournament rules for each fighting game?

Hey guys,
I’m going to be handling the fighting game tournaments for fanime this year.

I was wondering if anyone can provide me with the rules or links to the rules for each fighting game??
I need the rules for:
Soul Calibur 3
Smash Bros melee/ brawl (I assume they’ll be same rules?)
Melty Blood
Guilty Gear Accent Core/plus

Also, where can I download the tournament bracket??


For the record, this would be a good idea for a megathread: just a list of standard tournament settings for every major game.

That said, your particular choices make for some interesting answers…

Soul Calibur 3 - N/A, nobody it their right mind would have a tourney for this

Smash Bros melee/ brawl - will probably have different rules once the competitive scene gets to spend some quality time with it

Melty Blood - not a frickin’ clue!

Guilty Gear Accent Core - default settings

Hope I could help! :rofl:



well if you knew the melee rules that would work too.
i’m assuming it’s a 2-3 extra lives format.
and it’s fanime. there’s bound to be some crazy people who want a tournament for sc3 :woot:

ty for tourney bracket images

i have tekken, 3s, mvc2, and cvs2 rules so these are all the games i dont have the rules for.

Generally, anime cons tend to run their own rules, as the subsets of Anime Con Goer and top-level tourney player don’t intersect much. (There are a few exceptions)

If you flub it up, no one’s really going to care. Also, the Smash fans at fanime may like it more if you break the rules. You’ll probably run into more requests for SNK though- so I’d research that as well.

Best place to go looking for the rules yourself is tourney threads in the tourney and events section.

MB: Default settings!

You can always look at to check what other tournaments are run like.

There are a couple who do host SC3 tourneys. Usually the standard rules are double elimination, default time limit, default rounds, standard life bar, no custom characters allowed, bonus characters allowed (while it may vary in certain nations), certain portions of VC glitch allowed on certain conditions, can’t pause during a match otherwise you forfeit a round and more…

Here’s a link

melee at the bottom

Being as I’m a competitive Tekken player, I strongly believe in using the standardized rules. Most novice players I know don’t mind 2/3 rounds, 1/1 game. so changing rules to make the rules to give more room for mess up rounds seems like a good idea to me. I’m collaborating with the E-gaming head to get these rules together and he wants it to be done as professionally as possible too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link to the EVO rules, I don’t know how I missed that on the website.

Now I need to find CoD4 and Halo3 rules… is those exist.

“Players will have the option to repick the stage if T.Hawk or Zangief stage comes up. They must decide this before the round starts.”

Why is that?

the game runs slower/faster on those stages.

Good move to ask here!

To give a bit more specific info…

Melty Blood should be run on PC rather than PS2 if possible. The PS2 version is not arcade perfect, and I think it doesn’t even have all the characters. Neko-Arc Chaos should be unlocked in case anyone wants to use him, he’s a joke character anyway. The main issue with PC is that you would likely have to provide USB adapters (with Pelican ones being the best).

SC3 has been taken care of, but I just wanted to reinforce the point that all the bonus characters should be legal. Heck, a Lynette placed 5th at Nationals. The VC issues are rather tricky, and you’ll find differing opinions - I’m not really a Calibur player, so I can’t add much more. =/

Guilty Gear has always banned Kliff & Justice, EX characters, Gold & Shadow characters, and Guilty Gear 1 mode. Also, I remember that console Slash allowed you to choose the #reload versions of everyone, and that was also banned. I don’t actually know if AC still has all this stuff, but just ban whatever from that list is still in.

Hope this helps out a bit, and good luck!

Thanks for the clarifications, that does help quite a bit.
Do you know if the Melty Blood ver. B will be released on PS2? E-gaming head has melty blood for PS2, but if the PC version is suggested I’ll try to get a copy from some players at my college and have him provide a PC. As for USB adapters, I have 1 so maybe I can get fanime to provide me with the cheap $20 for another :wink:

I’ll save this all to my tournament format word doc later. :woot: