Stance Choice for Matchups

For which matchups should I be using Reflector or Glaive?

For me, the following match-ups are heavily skewed towards Glaive for the reach alone.

C. Viper

Everyone else, it’s whatever you’re comfortable with. I value the counter so I’m usually in Reflector. For mobility, the Glaive allows you to fake someone out with Glaive Stab xx Head Charge L/M.

IMO i’d stick with reflector in the Zero match. He’s going to be airborne majority of the time and he’s going to chuck buster shots at you. Throw out a paper, and lame him out with C projectile counters and A counters. But this is me.

Dorm’s a match I feel depends on how he plays. If he’s playing lame i’d just stick to reflector until you get in then switch to sword. If he’s rushing down, then just stick to reflector, put out a paper and get a hit confirm to be able to switch into sword during a combo.

Reflector or beads Wesker. He HAS to jump if he wants to be able to shoot you. Otherwise he’ll have to blind teleport with an assist. Even then he has to space the teleport right for a crossup.

honestly most of the matches you’re going to be in reflector until you get a hit confirm to switch over to sword. The only one off the top of my head not like that is Sent since you can just lame him out with beads and paper.

I agree with both Yazumatto and Shin Oni. If I were to make my own list based on either disc or glaive (unless otherwise noted).

Akuma: Whichever
Ammy: Whichever, though I’d likely put my money on the Ammy with disc
Arthur: Whichever, though I’d probably be in disc if he’s spamming.
Viper: Glaive
Cap: Whichever
Chris: Whichever
Chun: Whichever
Dante: Glaive. The disc will only get you so far against Dante’s normals.
Deadpool: Glaive. He’s going to be shooting you mostly, and I can’t think of any benefit to using disc skills.
Dormammu: Whichever. If you’re starting an aerial offense, glaive is better, just don’t get air throw/Chaotic Flame baited.
Doom: Whichever. However, does Doom’s S beat Ammy’s j.H?
Felicia: Whichever? I’m really not sure. Counters will be useless w/kitty helper.
Haggar: Disc. L Counter + M paper all day. If he tries to cross you up with a super jump, either use H paper or dash under him. This is like a 9-1 matchup.
Hsien-ko: I don’t know. I’d be thinking glaive due to the range of her attacks but it’s not like anyone loses to Hsien-ko.
Hulk: Whichever
Ironman: Whichever
Jill: Whichever, though I don’t play this matchup a lot.
Modok: Whichever
Magneto: Whichever
Morrigan: Whichever, though probably pro-disc.
Phoenix: Whichever
Ryu: Whichever
Sentinel: Whichever
She-Hulk: Whichever
Shuma: Whichever
Spencer: Whichever, though counters are pretty useless in this matchup? Probably just stick to glaive, though it’s not mandatory.
Spider-Man: Whichever. Again, don’t play this matchup a lot.
Storm: Whichever. Pro-glaive to avoid that F+HHHHH bitbox bug and the range on some of her normals.
Skrull: Whichever.
Taskmaster: Whichever.
Thor: Whichever. Though it’s a funny thought, the god of thunder losing to Ammy’s thunder edge.
Trish: Whichever.
Tronne: Glaive. From what I’ve seen, she is free to s.H and paper, but I’m sure you’d still have to watch out for the drill.
Joe: Whichever. Never went against a good Joe.
Wesker: Disc. See above posts.
Wolverine: Disc. Wolverine is committed to berserker slash and dive kicks.
X-23: Disc. Ammy’s F+H beats everything X-23 does on the ground and possibly in the air from the exception of her L talon dive.
Zero: Whichever

going to have to try this, my ammy gets crushed by zero

j.H with the Sword makes Zero look… let’s say… “inadequate”. You can’t ignore Ammy’s girth.

If Zero decides to go air to air with you (regular jump or super jump level), he still has a significant advantage over Amaterasu with his Lvl 3 Charged Buster. A good Zero will be able to hit confirm off even a super jumped LVL 3 Buster and kill Amaterasu.

All he has to do is wait for the wind up Ammy does with her Jump H. and release the Lvl 3 buster >>> Teleport down to hit confirm into his long meter building combos.

This is a hard matchup for Amaterasu, but not exactly a bad matchup.

Maybe with the reflector. Glaive j.H negates any range advantage Zero has on his normals. Ammy doesn’t have to worry about getting tagged by air buster when she’s higher than Zero and the range on j.H allows her to tag him easily from that position. God forbid you miss with the lv 3 buster as well.

Both of these characters are priority monsters anyway. Whoever gets hit, loses.

Yeah I was speaking when she was in sword stance.

But other than air grab, Amaterasu doesn’t have a solid air to air hit confirm combo like Zero. Even if she does tag with an air to air Jump H…what is she going to do?

Either way, if its a ground game…then Zero will win. If it’s air to air then it becomes somewhat even given you have a good defense and are patient.

dunno why you’re going air to air with Zero anyway.

I don’t see how this is really a bad matchup for Ammy at all. Considering she doesn’t have to chase Zero down at any given time, she can sit back and zone.

What can she do to zone him unless you have a good assist? Unless you want to get danced on above by Zero’s jump C’s with a well timed Akuma assist + teleport or Sentinel drones, air to air reduces the chances he’ll push you to the corner and run mix-ups on you all day.

And you’re forgetting that if you do try to zone Zero, his lvl 3 buster is one of the best moves in the game and beats out more than a majority of projectile moves. Not only that, since he builds a lot of meter and sees that you will on an assist to zone him out…he can just fish for the assist, release LVL 3 buster and cancel into his LVL 3 hyper almost practically killing the assist.

I disagree with ThaGuy on the specifics (I play this fight a lot) but he is correct that this is a relatively even hard-work matchup.

ThaGuy, I kinda wish I got to play against you while I was down in bay area. Because I feel you are correct. Zero is not a bad matchup for Glaive Amaterasu but he is a very “hard work” matchup that amounts to a very footsies-heavy game, trying to use your assists and j.:h: to get him to stay still long enough to work your mixup on him and kill him, while at the same time staying safe against his stuff and trying not to eat a buster at the wrong time. Having Spencer in slot 2, I am also trying to looking for my chance to Okami Shuffle, DHC, and X-Factor for a kill, since in my mind that is definitely a worthwhile use of x-factor.

I am for the most part okay with assist sniping because both my assists have high HP and I’d rather you use Genmu-Zero meter to not kill them than to punish a blocked Okami Shuffle, though.

I think it does depend on your team layout. Since you have Spencer and Tasky chilling in the back, I guess it is okay for your assists to take a few hits. I play Tasty Lumpia who is very good with teleport mixing up with his assists and playing a super aerial footsies Zero with his buster.

Also, yes, I wish we could have played a few Stark. Tasty and I agreed when we got back from EVO that we learned a lot from your Amaterasu, and very much love that 700k+ BNB!

Hopefully you guys come down next time and we can play.

Zero isn’t a character I prefer to zone out. He’s too quick for it.

I forgot to add. I usually use charged j.H to get some distance between Zero. If he gets pegged, it’s a ground bounce that leads into a combo. As for assists, I have either Wesker or Dormammu. Pretty chunky characters. Wesker doesn’t come out unless I’m on the offense and want to set up an unblockable. Dormammu’s usually jumping out though.

If it turns into a ground game, I tend to flicker counters. I’ve caught Zero a few times with his own Lv. 3 buster (extremely satisfying by the way) and killed him after a street sweeper assist. Akuma/Sentinel assists are annoying though. Thunder Edge L works as well when they don’t expect it.

Zero vs. Amaterasu is definitely hardcore footsies that requires work to get a hit.

(Also I kinda want to run Team 800k: Zero/Ammy/Akuma. I heard they work well with each other lol)

This is probably a better question for the combo thread, but what should I do after a charge glaive? I rarely use charged glaive due to its long startup anyways, but if I do, I usually do st.M, S, sj.MMS, df + H. But I can’t do the Shuffle because I already used my ground bounce, so what should I be doing?

Air QCF + S in the sword after df + H resets the one ground bounce per combo rule. You should still be able to pick them up off the ground if you cancel into super on I believe the third hit.