Stance changing, is any of it safe out of RR?

So I really like Lei, at this particular time, it just seems like stance changing out of razor rush is really unsafe to just about any one of them. Example.

RR3 into Panther. upon going for the mk target combo, i get jabbed every single time.
RR1 in snake. go for the mp mp target combo, jabbed before the mp.
RR4 into crane. too far to do anything?

Ive read plenty throughout these forums looking for help, but for whatever reason i just cant seem to get anything going with him as far as stance changing through out the match. I end up just using c.mpx3 into qcf k x3 most of the time.

also, something weird happened in crane i think. seems like one of my normals just completely negated my oponents attack? not sure, dont have the match to show you, just thought if its a known thing, someone could explain?

Every stance change is safe; it’s the next move in stance that’s not safe (as in, you can block, rather than trying a stance chain/string/normal).

If you’re up against a masher, try putting a small gap in your razor rush:

:f:+:mp: ~ :lp: (wait) :mp: [:d: panther]

If your op is mashing a :lp: the gap between the first two hits and the third will counter hit. The more you do this kind of thing, the less likely they’ll be to press buttons during your strings - once that happens, the pressure game is yours to control.

As for crane:

After RR4 ~ :mk: [:u: crane] your :hp: and :hk: will reach - use the :hp: for jumpers and the :hk: for grounded.

The move which pretty much beats out all kinds of reversals (i.e., very good as oki) is :mp: - it’s got a weird hurtbox.

From frame data for reference:

f+MP: 6f start-up, very unsafe on hit and block without stance change (1st~4th hit of the string are at least -13f on hit), +2f* on hit with stance change, -2f* on block with stance change
f+MP>LP: +4f/0f with stance change
f+MP>LP>MP: +2f/-2f with stance change
f+MP>LP>MP>LP: -2f/-6f with stance change
f+MP>LP>MP>LP>LK: +1f on hit, -4f on block
f+MP>LP>MP>LP>MK: -6f on hit, -11f on block, -1f/-6f with stance change

So really the only realistically unsafe ones are RR > tiger on block and RR > crane on block. Like syngin said, it’s more about only letting them mash when you want them to. RR when done at it’s fastest is a true block string, so all they can do is alpha counter. If you need to, just be as safe as possible to make them think they can’t do much about RR, then switch it up or go for a jump in or something. Just gotta use your options.

And yea, crane is the shit. Spam LK all day as it makes lows whiff, most people don’t have a clue.

Thanks for the insight and taking the time to post.

I suppose what i meant is that no attack after a stance change is a true block string? Is in a cant RR, stance, target combo and create a true block string. This seems weird, and pointless and an extent? I guess i need to watch matches.

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Simple answer is no. RR -> stance change -> anything will lose to reversal timing jabs, unless you’re in Crane. I think the LK follow-up was not a true blockstring.

If it was made to be a true blockstring, I would have gone for (RR -> Dragon -> MP xx f+2P)*XXX either until it gets to time over or until someone Alpha Counters out.

What I did was went into the lab and worked on true block strings with lei, including his light attacks. Learning hit confirm combos off of these will help discourage mashing in your opponent.this is when I start going for razor rush or drunken style mixups