ST vs iii 3rd strike

been playing IV AE a lot. which street fighter should I buy for 360? can only afford one right now.

neither one plays much like SF4. you can download demos of each, right? might be worthwhile. you can see how both games flow by checking out high level footage on Youtube. both are great games with a rich history. they require different skillsets to play well.

online play is slightly more active in 3s but both are relatively small at this point. both games have good netcode.

If this was in a different section I’d think for sure that some arguments would start up in here quick. Have you played either before or do you kind of equally like both? Both are awesome games but as to which is better is personal preference to me I think it’s easier to find matches online for 3s but I love both games.

Try them out on GGPO? Personally i’m a 3s fanboy but i can see why some folks prefer ST

Strategy in ST is more basic and methodical but execution and reversal windows are really tight and unforgiving

Strategy in 3s has more depth and execution/windows are a bit more forgiving compared to ST

both really do appeal to me. my execution sucks and fails me often in 4 ae. but the character choice in 3s turns me off a bit. so i might go for st and maybe 3s later. which thread would bring more arguments? i’d like it more there.

One is one of the greatest fighting games ever made with tons of depth and -while not perfect- really good balance.

The other is baby’s first fighting game and/or a fighter with training wheels with super easy input shortcuts, extremely lenient option select system, easy reversals, rewards the player for making mistakes, unappealing 3D models and etc.

I really fucking hate SF4.

lol. shoot. i bought a 360 just 'cause there’d be more people on live than PC. i think i might go with 3s just because more people are online.

Both are fantastic games, but use very different game mechanics. ST is a simple game to get into, and rewards being able to control your character and learn matchups and fundamental strategy. Very strict inputs and leniency, which will really force you to clean up your special and super move inputs. Combos aren’t an absolute necessity to learn in order to do well in ST depending on your character choice. You can easily win most of your matches just playing footsies and zoning with fireballs.

3s has a ton of depth to it and basically gives you a lot more options than most standard fighting games. It’s primarily a footsies-based game, and fireballs have a far more limited role than learning hit confirm combos, learning how to read and punish your opponent’s tendencies, and your ability to parry attacks and guard against mixups.

If you’re going to be playing on consoles, 3soe has a pretty robust player base atm. While console versions of ST or HDR are available, the player base there is smaller in comparison, since most of the ST community prefers to play on GGPO or Supercade on PC.

appreciate all input. i bought 2000 points and might as well spend a bit more for both just to find any players online.