ST Tournament at West Coast Warzone 4

I’m excited to announce that Super Turbo has been added to West Coast Warzone 4 as an official main game! General information can be found at the main website and the facebook event page as follows:

If you have already registered, please send an email to: with your email address and gamer tag to add ST to your registration.

ST Schedule is as follows (may change depending on entrants):

Saturday, September 6:
5:00pm - 8:00pm (Main ST Tourney until Top 8)
8:00pm - 8:30pm (Continue? Tourney until Grand Finals)
8:30pm - 9:30pm (GF of Continue Tourney and Top 8 of Main Tourney)

Total cost to enter for early registration is $35 + $10 game fee = $45.

Early registration ends on August 28th, and will increase in cost. Check the website for the full breakdown on how much the cost increase after early registration.

All matches will be 3/5 games per set and include basic ST rules format used at every tournament. Finals matches will also be 3/5.

The Continue Tournament is a new tourney format where ALL players who go 0-2 (lose all their tourney matches) will automatically be included into a NEW tournament series. The tournament will be single elim and still 3/5 matches. Grand Finals of the Continue Tournament will be played on the main stage, on stream, before the Top 8 of the Main Tournament. The winner of the Continue Tournament will get a special prize.

The setups will all be UD-CPS2 superguns, which allow use for the majority of modern arcade sticks utilizing USB inputs. The KuroSticks from Evo will be made available for the stream station only.

ST-specific information regarding tournament and formats will be made available soon!

Sucks to be broke and have no transportation. Good luck to everyone who goes!

Updated OP with more information.

I checked out the site but cannot find info pertaining to prizes. Anyone got word?

Payout and bonus prizes will be announced at a future date. The one for the Continue Tournament will be kept a secret until it’s given out :wink:

Friendly reminder! Early registration ends in 5 days on August 28th, so please register asap if you guys are set on going. Here’s the breakdown on costs:

Early reg: $35 venue + $10 game = $45
Late reg: $45 venue + $10 game = $55
On-site reg: $60 venue + $10 game = $75

Any vids and results to post?

Archives will be posted up when they’re available. The challonge bracket itself was never fully completed, so I can’t give full results, but I can give you top8 results:

  1. Snake Eyez (Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Fei Long)
  2. eltrouble (O-Guile, Dhalsim)
  3. kuroppi (E.Honda, O-E.Honda, Zangief)
  4. ultracombo (Sagat, O-Sagat)
  5. OG.Ken (O-Ken)
  6. Monogolorobokop (Cammy, Chun-Li)
  7. Miller Time (E.Honda)
  8. IDGAF Kai (Chun-Li)

The link to the twitch archive is down for whatever reasons. Odd, it was up there a few days ago.

Hey, congratulations on number two spot. Do you play PSN?

Thanks. Pretty bummed I didn’t beat Snakeeyez, as that match is in Sim’s favor, but he’s an incredible player. He’s definitely in my head. I’m hoping to redeem myself at the upcoming Reloaded Tournament taking place this November in socal. It should be a good tournament with a LOT of talented players, like Choi, Daigo, Valle, Watson, etc… I’ll post up more details about it when it’s made public.

I don’t really play online. I’m spoiled enough to be living in socal where I have access to good players locally, so I pretty much only play at the arcades or practice at home on HDR Classic on PS3.

Sweet, sounds like it was a blast. He is definitely a good player.

Oh, I see. Well, I thought it’d be fun to go against you. Knew you were good but not this good, so I wanted a match, lol. Oh well, maybe at a tourny some day.