ST shoto arc?

Now you’re probably thinking "wtf is ‘shoto arc’?"
Well, truth is that I was just lazy and…well, I’m really groggy right now…anyways, my question is this:

How do you make the shoto arc?
Or, when you do the hurricane kick in the air, what are the properties on the arc?

Like when I usually do with a shoto

crossup, jumping fierce (on the way up) xx hurricane kick

it’s a 3 hit combo and if they stay standing and don’t block the reset, usually with ken, you can do an extra d,df,f+kick to try and dizzy them.

I’ve noticed that the earlier you do the hurricane kick (on the way up), then the arc is larger, as opposed to late, where you’ll just go flying away, then there’s the REALLY LATE where you just completely miss the opponent and go flying away.

I’ve understood this, but how do you make the hurricane kick arc while whiffing, or just by it self. I’ve seen the vids where Valle does a crossup hurricane kick on O.Sagat, but that’s on the way down, so how do you do it on the way up?

Someone once told me you do an AHVB hurricane kick, but the motion is backwards, to how to you aim it forwards?

Sorry if it’s a tough question

If I understand what you are saying…I do a motion from u/f to back and press kick. Because of the way I do the motion I hit all the inputs for the HK but I don’t actually really try to.

If you do this right you see a weird looking kick where they angle up but then sort of sharply turn back down again. If you do it with Ken and roundhouse kick you get the last rotatation of the kick right before you hit the ground IIRC. It lokos kind of strange, like Ken bumps his head in the ceiling or something.

The best I can get on a DC controller is an arc that just barely goes over Zangief’s head, it looks like it would combo on T. Hawk for the entire arc of the kick.

sim own shoto in st

yeah, sim own shoto in ST, but…

the combo I normally do on a standing Zangief is that three hit
"air combo" (combo from the air mostly) is so that a fourth hit that does not combo hits from behind

so after the crossup, you end up right back in front of them

the tiger knee hurricane kick is basicly what marglis just posted. U/f then you go straight to down, down/back , back+k.

It doesnt matter what kick you do but its better to do roundhouse as it hits more times.

YOur guy should make a rainbow with his hurricane kick sorta like kyo KOF style RED kick but even faster.

It basicly can be used to cover the whole screen in like a sec really. It also is a anti air attack. And against big characters can hit on the way up or if done from certain distances you can use it to cross the opponent up.

IF there in the corner you can tiger knee hurricane kick at a certain distance and you end up hitting the opponent from. You just put your self in the corner but its not really that bad if you just hit cuz you just got the knock down.

THe only other thing i can think about it is ken can tiger knee hurricane kick on taller character hit on way hits on way down. At close up it does 2 hits and 3 hits of block damage. If done about at sweep range on sagat you can can 2 hits and combo after it.

One of the best uses for it is if say your even vs old ken or any fireball shoryuken type character just tiger knee hurricane kick over it and combo them.

shouldnt be to hard you just see the fireball and do the motion really fast and you get a free combo basicly.

Its just a exstremely fast hurricane kick. Think almost sakura hurricane kick on acid. Goes 2 times as far in a split sec about.

In the alpha series this was taken out. At least it was made slow and well slow and it goes very high.

It came back in cvs1. Its still useable in cvs2 but unfortantly they changed it in the timeing is exstremly very very tight.

i like do low foward tiger knee tatsimaki to fuck fei.

Final Showdown, you make it sound like a walk in the park, doing this move eh?

How is it that you can consistently do this, or rather, how would you practice doing this?

I once spent a whole day trying to figure out how to superjump cancel out of HSF with my friend, and we couldn’t get anywhere.
The most we could do was alpha counter in Cable and super through, but that’s the bullshit way out of the situation, plus you need meter, which sux.

yes it is a walk in the park prety much. Tiger knee hurricane kick is very forgiving in ST. Its not as easy as a regular hurricane kick of course but if ok say im playing i like just tell my self ok do this move. Then do it.

sigh guess that didnt make much sense.

ok sometimes when i do it even though you dont have to, i press down then up/foward really fast(like say your trying to super jump)then press down down back back +k

your hand almost like zig zangs. You dont need to do it like this but sometime i do it like this when im warming up my hands so my hands are like fast i guess. lol

really all you need though is up/foward then qcb+k really fast. Its easy dude. You can use it in your overall stratagies whatever. Its also good if you can judge your distance well you can use it to go over a character. You will land on the other side of them. Then throw them or shoryuken them while they are still the other way basicly. Its pretty hard to anti air it if you do it right.

Your guy should just make a super super fast rainbow. It should just go over a hadoken ect. ANd should travel nearly full screen in about a half sec.

Just practice i gues its easy in ST though.

main thing is dont try and tiger knee it. Do it manualy. Tiger knee it hardly ever works. To tiger knee it would bascily be down to clockwise up foward. THis hardly ever works.

and as a matter of fact in ST the game doesnt allow ryu for the most part to tiger knee hurricane kicks in the first place.

only ken can to my knowlede anyway.

but yeah just do it manualy for it work.

can fei kill a great shoto?

fei kill shoto not great shoto. ryu beat fei 5.5-4.5 or maybe 6-4. If play by HK master win 10-0. ryu rock st cast.

as for rainbow hurricane kick. That is easy. If not able do in ST have problem if think can do in any other game. it is easy in ST. capcom have make harder let alone tone down much in new games.

tiger knee hurricane kick strong.

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