St revival presents: x-mania usa and tournament of legends ii @ evo 2014!

Neat. Wish HDR was present, though.

Well, if the HDR scene wants to organize up and hold HDR tourneys and events, that would be awesome. It hasn’t happened in awhile though.

If I had more resources I’d try to see what I could do…really love the game (love/hate lol).

I’m just glad SF2 is being represented in some form anyway.

I highly recommend HDR players get involved with ToL2/XMANIA USA this summer-- attend EVO for this event if you can because of all the talent present. While I’m one of the best HDR players on Xbox Live, I’ve been getting win streaks with Cammy recently against just about everyone I come across online. The guys coming from Japan this year destroy me though; they play on a whole other level. It’s fun to talk with HDR players like Cacasian(sp?) and SuperNYC on Live but they never attend events to really see how the game can be played. I don’t imagine there’s anything stopping anyone from holding an HDR tournament too at Evo, by all means make it happen (but just make sure not to miss the main events!).


That’s pretty impressive to win steak an entire community with Cammy.