St. Pete Shodown 2(Cafe Alma) Results and shenanigans thread

SUPER Streer Fighter 4
1: Alex Jebailey ($75.00)
2: Booker ($25.00)
4: Will
5: Marc Sosa
5: Bob Nadal
7: Charlie
7: D
9: Ian Koblinskie
9: JJ
9: Jeff Tae
9: Justin
13: Ben Acosta
13: Akeem
13: Tyler
13: Sean Belveal
17: Stan
17: Richard Kovacs
17: Ian Shotton
17: Robert J
17: Bryant
17: Brian Black
17: Lucas T
17: Nate Fearless
25: Anthony

1: Alex Jebailey ($30.00)
2: Akeem
3: Mugen
4: Sean Belveal
5: Brian Black
5: Will

SUPER Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Round Robin

  1. BRONXPUERTOROCK (4-1) ($30.00)
  2. Bryant (4-1)
  3. Brian (4-1)
  4. Sean (2-3)
  5. Jason (1-4)
  6. Alex Jebailey (0-5, forfeit)

Actually me and Jebailey split super main due to drama and just who ever dealt with booker did which happened to be jebailey. Hdr good shit to bryant in hdr but I prevailed first to whatever we did but we also split cash. GG’s to all and thank god for corona at the tourney

cough You’re welcome cough :coffee:

lol yeah. prince cares more about stats then the money.

Prince You need to start rushing down with rog. thats where he shines.
other then that you got his turtle game down.

anyday son anyday lol but TY for 1 less person i had to smack up

looks at Round Robin sheet sees Bronx’s only loss was to Pilgrim …Hmmmm. You can’t deal with this Fei. XD lol

lmao good stuff but I beat your Freelong and lost to your gief lol