ST p2p

I just started playing Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo on kaillera p2p, but it’s so hard to find games on the godweapon server, so I’d like to get a list of peoples AIM, MSN, and GMAIL names that are interested in playing so we can IM each other whenever we feel like playing. If you aren’t comfortable posting your screennames here, you can private message them to me and I’ll add you. Long live ST!

Damdai my AIM is devin3s. I’m also in GW most nights after 10, I’ll look around for you. I’m looking forward to seeing more Gief :slight_smile:

Hey macu, didn’t know you played ST too. I’ll add you. If you use Ryu in ST, gief will give you an even harder time. :slight_smile:

aim- hijiok
alias- bodomsoldier
location- west siiiiiide
status- newb!

MSN: marx1871

AIM: odboncrack

You have an excellent gief btw.

Thanks. Good games yesterday. We can play more this week. I get home on weekdays around 6pm EST.

What ports need to be forwarded to play P2P? I was going to play that Super Sunday ladder yesterday but was unable to get P2P to work and they wouldn’t let me play because of that.

I think you only need to open ports if you’re hosting, in which case it’s 27886 UDP.

Oh. I’m not sure what’s wrong then. I wasn’t able to host or find Little Mac’s game when he was hosting.

There was a problem with the master list yesterday. If you tried his ip directly, it should have worked.

whoever was messaging me on aim yesterday and today, sorry i closed your window and forgot to add you

Metal I added you. I’m always interested in some matches and making new friends.

Damdai I just realized I dont have you on msn lol. Hope you can remember my msn…

ejdge is aim compatible with msn???

nope but if you get trillian you can use both. on msn if u want to play some matches. I just hope it will not be higher than delay 4 though

my AIM: Da Mooose135790
im gonna add some of you guys. Im a pretty scrubby ST player but hoping to get better and learn new things.

Ok I made an AIM so I can have more chances of finding matches.

AIM: djfrijoles

I hardly see you on your msn account. What times are you usually on? I’ve been learning a new character, need to practice against a good gief. :nunchuck:

aim: cynistar742

aim psychedelicbeats

AIM: Raisin Plays SF2

I’m around from time to time.