ST: N.Ken

Hi all,

After a few combos for N.Ken, ive searched cant seem to find anything decent.

Cheers for any help

IIRC he had a glitch combo that did more damage that it should, it was something like j.lp, s.lp XX lp.shoryuken

That combo is crap…Here are some real new ken combos:

  1. deep c.Forward>qcf + kick hold kick for the overhead then you can quickly link a low roundhouse or stand Fierce off of it (especially on big characters).

  2. Jump Fierce>crouch Forward or Stand Fierce>Jab DP.

  3. Cross-up Forward>stand Short>crouch short>QCF + Short kick special move or Jab Dp.

  4. Cross-up Forward>crouch Forward or Stand Fierce>Jab DP.

  5. Jump Strong (on a standing opponent)>canceled into a forward kick air hurricane kick>crouch Roundhouse or walk up and knee bash grab with Forward kick.

  6. Crouch Short>crouch short>Super (7 hits, master this combo).

  7. Crouch Strong>crouch Roundhouse.:cool:

yea now I remember ^.^

J.MK, S.HP XX LP.Shoryuken

Some more:

  1. Deep Jump Fierce or Roundhouse>Super.

note: do the super motion quickly after the Jump in hits.

  1. Cross-up Forward>Super.

  2. Cross-up Forward>crouch Strong>super.

note the super can be linked off of the crouch strong.

There, that covers the best combos that can be used in real gameplay.


Thanks Champ :slight_smile:

  1. Crouch Short>crouch short>Super (7 hits, master this combo).

been trying this and i get the funny kick comming out after the 2 shorts. Any special way of doing this?

Even though his super is the easiest to buffer into, you can also link it off cr.Strong if it’s giving you trouble.

The timing is really tight in this game for canceling normals to supers.

But when doing the shoruy reppa try hitting LP and Lk at the same time.

This is true. It’s actually:

crouch short>crouch short>do the super motion quickly then press short + jab at the same time (a total of 3 shorts then super, but only 2 of them will register).

actually, I believe it’s short~jab. Hit the short a split second before the jab…

like a kara cancel or Roll cancel or something. You’re cancelling the s.short into super before the short can fully animate.

It prolly still works with short+jab because of button release or you hit short first without knowing it or something…

but that’s why it works, so I would imagine there is a greater success rate with short~jab.

You also have to do a complete double FB motion. If you do the EXACT super motion (ending at down-towards) it won’t work. Again, you are tring to cancel a standing short, so if you don’t go to towards you won’t get a s.short. You will get a dead d.short which can’t be cancelled.

Hrm. . I wonder how long the window is to kara-cancel a d.short into super in comparision with the window to cancel a connected duck short? i’m bored :slight_smile:

Been Trying this … I dont think its humanly possible using my smashed up sidewinder pad :slight_smile:

Ive invested in a Custom Stick, ill give it some more time when it arrives :slight_smile:

So anoying …

Thanks for the Assistance

Actually to do short, short, super you really do just do: short, short, fbx2 + jab and short. If you don’t have a super at the time, you can do the exact same series described above and you’ll get a dp instead of a super which is choice as well. Do the jab and short at the same time, trust me it’s easier and works everytime.

Nath, you were asking about Ken, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, real busy times now. I’ll post here for you and all to see.

One of my favorite, relatively safe combos to do with Ken after a knockdown is jumping deep jabxx air hurricane. Keep in mind, during your jump hold back. If you do this correctly and they wake up, you can actually hit the ground and block. If they simply block though (or don’t block), your jab will connect then you have the following options:
if they get hit: combo low roundhousexx fb+kick

The fb+kick doesn’t connect obviously, but it does set you up faster to repeat the pattern, go for a cross-up forward combo or go into overhead/low games.

if they block: Go for the knee bash throw with forward kick. After you knee bash them on most characters you can do the following options:
a- jump immediately and do a deep jabx air hurricane (then throw, mix up a fake)
b-walk under then do short, short, super
c-fake walk under (don’t switch sides) short, short super

If they block option ‘a’, don’t always go for another throw, mix up with walk-up jab dps and low roundhouses to keep them off balance.

If you connect with a forward cross up, I always go for 1 of 4 options:
1-short, short, super
2-short (1 or 2 depending on the character), jab dp
3-low strongxxrh hurricane (this almost always dizzies if it connects)
4-low strong/forward xx fb+kick~ holk kick (this is an overhead mix up and can combo for a 4-hit).

Hope all this gobbldegok helps y’all-


immediate air hurricane kick w/ RH. jump towards doing RH spin kick as soon as u leave the ground. u should barely get off the ground, this works good on characters throwing fbs as u will hit them in the back of the head and can combo from it … I think?

also jump in FP xx RH spin kick (land) s. RH. this works on gief for sure.


Ken’s cr.short x 2 -> super is albeit the same as Guile’s…

anyhow, if you crossup someone big like Zangief, after doing a deep crossup…instant j.fierce xx air hurricane (RH version)…then as soon as you land, do qcf+kick and basically anything the big guy does besides reversal uppercut type move or super, they get dizzied…the thing is I believe you have to buffer the counter to actually perform it against N. Ken, but this dizzies like 99.99% of the time

unfortunately this isn’t really a true combo as there is a space for movement, but the arc on the hurricane kick is deceiving and it looks like you’ll land next to the opponent when after crossing up twice, you’ll end up roughly a whole character away after being hit with the second part of the hurricane kick

stupidly enough, the easiest way out of this dumb trick is to just block…pretty stupid trick eh?

well…what do I know, I’m not a good enough player, but this is just a stupid little trick that some people might be interested in…

another one is to wakeup with the low=ass hurricane glitch and combo the super off of that…I was playing Valle one time and he did it on me, I was like “WTF?!?”

I also happened to catch a glimpse of his hands while playing and he does the gimpy kick in the air like…

“qcb…uf+kick” -it’s all timing and reflexes

just another stupid trick w/N.Ken