ST Chun Li Safe Jumping

Recently saw how to do it in the glossary, and the less shoryukens, flash kicks, dragon kicks, rolls, and upkicks I eat for dinner the better. So anyway what’s her best move for safe jumping? Down mk works f done fight for srks… Anything else?

I don’t even think ST Chun-Li can do safejumps. You can only do a safe jump if you knock them down and have enough time to land a really meaty jump-in. I dont think Chun has many knockdown opportunities like that. You just have to bait shoryus instead.

yesh she can do safe jumps. but not after many things.

generally her best “safe jump” is really meaty crossup

Headstomp isn’t a safe jump, it just stuffs SRKs. Although air SBK after makes it harder to consistently punish in HDR. Otherwise it’s just anything you can jump in with and recover before a reversal hits, which varies wildly in ST because of wake-up times and reversal startup. Ken’s impossible to safe-jump because he has an instant Shoryuken, for example.

The only times you really can try a safe jump with Chun are:

  1. after landing Neutral J.Hk

  2. after forcing a jumping opponent to land on a fireball.

Even then, it’s usually only better to try safe jumps if you can’t get into position to cross them up before they get up. If you can go for the crossup, that’s pretty much always better.

In any case, the trick to safe jumping is learning the timing; for example, the timing for doing a safe jump on Guile is almost the instant he hits the ground. Try practicing safe jumps on Balrog; he has possibly the longest wakeup animation in the game, and his best reversal attack has a huge startup. So, while you’re still learning, Balrog gives you a lot of room for error.

I’ve done safe jumps with, beat out ken’s ultra. Technically you can safe jump with any-move, if the timing works.

Safe jumps work because:
Before your opponent’s anti-air reaches active frames, you’ve already landed to block. Experiment to try some match-ups.

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OP is talking about ST Chun, not SFIV Chun. Also, he’s asking about guaranteed safe jump setups, not manually timing the jump.